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  1. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    And honestly, I think a LOT of the British Beefy Boys are weighted falsely high angled because of unscrupulous restorers. I got into arguments with guys back in the day who would buff up and grind chips out of Sheffield choppers and turn 16-19* choppers into 20-25* angle monstrosities because...
  2. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    I tend to notice a big dropoff in performance once they get over 17, 17.25 or so. My favorites tend towards 14-15. That said. For $5, beggars can’t be choosers. I wonder if it might be feasible on these to remove the scales, wrap the edge, and take 1-1.5 mm off the spine and tang (which is a...
  3. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    From a 1mm accurate caliper and my eyesight... 18.5 degrees. Maybe not ideal for a coticule edge looking at it. Might try a 13k.
  4. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    Yeah the addition of the heel treatment seems to be the most significant change. And they also seem to be at least trying to bevel them all on a flat stone, which I don’t think was getting done at all in the past. Three of the five the bevel wasn’t fully set across the edge and none of them...
  5. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    Alright, Got them all honed. First one (the video) was probably the best shape to begin with. The last one I did was almost as good, but needed a bit of work on the heel. #2 as mentioned needed a good bit of work to get the center to contact well, as did #4. #3 needed the most work... its...
  6. SliceOfLife

    LLAMA ?'s

    I recall someone confirmed that there were definitely vintage llama branded strops out there that had nothing to do with Naomi.
  7. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    It is but they all arrived with it already ground down to some extent. Started on the second one... it's one of the dead spot ones, and the bevel on this one definitely needs work. Under the scope it looks MUCH more like to 60grit I'm familiar with... looks like they are shaping them a little...
  8. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    Honed one up from 1200 to coti finish. Took about 10min. No real problems... bevel wasn't perfect... definitely would recommend rehitting the bevel on these before honing. This razor had pretty decent geometry, tiny bend at the toe away from the back side of the blade... but easy to compensate...
  9. SliceOfLife

    Washita Thread. Show off, discuss, etc.

    I've got a skinny red one like that... acts like a crazy fast and regular Turkey more than like a Washita, but with Washita feedback. Those red washita's are something else when it comes to mass removal. Tim's living the dream. He lets his wife flea market for (jewelry I think?) while he looks...
  10. SliceOfLife

    Testing out Five Gold Dollar 66's purchased for <$5/each

    So I wanted to try a gold dollar again after many years (tried a 66, 208, and 80 many years back and I believe I've only kept the 80). Looking at prices, best deal to my eyes (if you don't plan to start selling them) was aliexpress where you could get them in quantities of 5 for ~20-25$...
  11. SliceOfLife

    Gelousy SHD Brushes | AP Shave Company Gel Brush | Growing On Me

    The solution to any lather hog brush is to load more. The gel tips do you make that a little more complicated, but as long as you spend enough time loading you can solve the problem. Just use it as your Cella or Williams brush and not as your MdC brush.
  12. SliceOfLife

    INFO! RUDY VEY GROUP BUY! Sold Out!!!!!

    I think most people’s complaint about the two band D01 Is that it can be a bit scrubby, and also like any super dense knot, itcan hold quite a bit of lather so it’s not the most efficient with regards to soap usage. I love scrubby knots and have many lifetimes of soap, so I think it’s...
  13. SliceOfLife

    Newcomer to Strop-making: Buffalo and Kangaroo

    There was a guy here a few years back who was experimenting with kangaroo strops. Anyone Remember who that was or have links to some of the threads?
  14. SliceOfLife

    "Cushion" in Lather - What Is That For a Straight Razor Shaver?

    Cushion relates to slip with straights imho. If I overthin a lather and it’s extremely slick but basically soap residue and not a thick creamy lather the additional surface area of holding a straight razor flush against my face causes the razor to drag. In that way the lack of cushion in the...
  15. SliceOfLife

    when is a Finish a Finish????

    Any work done on a new abrasive (such as a stone) is a new finish. A 1k edge with a single pass on a 20000 grit stone is no longer a 1k finish. Now when a stone has refined an edge to the most it is capable of, that is a “maxxed out” edge on that finisher. Most peoples’ coticule edge after...