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  1. SliceOfLife

    If you had to pick only one badger brush!

    There's a 2 band silvertip shavemac w/ Rudy Vey Handle in BST if it hasn't sold already for $75. https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/simpsons-rudy-vey-shaving-brushes-gillette-heritage-ufo-u2-de-handle-etc.591438/
  2. SliceOfLife

    Ancient Ocean Jasper

    Resemble Jnats in what way?
  3. SliceOfLife

    Pike Washita Oilstone

    No, #1 was the label just below lily white. #1's were not sorted by grade and could include visual imperfections that did not impact function that would prevent them from being labeled as lily whites.
  4. SliceOfLife

    The old coticule forum

    Yeah, I regularly get it in my google results and also accessed it this weekend... checked again yesterday because of this thread and it was gone.
  5. SliceOfLife

    Pike Washita Oilstone

    Washita's aren't great for razors imho, but you have one of the best knife and woodworking tool hones out there in your hand. You can use them for razors, but definitely not ideal. Washita range even wider than Arkansas do. The soft coarse ones can leave a very toothy edge, but cut like a bat...
  6. SliceOfLife

    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Kept as records of the stamps?
  7. SliceOfLife

    Williams and Van der Hagen

    Yeah walgreens online was how I got my puck. $1.50 or so. Good to wash your hair with.
  8. SliceOfLife

    Honing placebo effect

    The diameter of the hair is less relevant to the sharpness of the tool required to cut it than the make up of the hair, the way the hair is suspended, and how closely you want to cut to your skin. Hair is held up right essentially by being pinned in the follicle... Shaving is cutting something...
  9. SliceOfLife

    GSK (02-04) vs Combe(2020) Williams

    I am really liking modern Williams as shampoo. It strips oils really aggressively (my hair is actually almost sticky it's so clean after washing), so not for daily hair washers or long hair... but it lathers up really nice for shampoo, and it does seem to help my dandruff a little.
  10. SliceOfLife

    Show us your Japanese Natural Whetstones

    Sometimes when it’s so egregious, I suspect they dropped the stone and broke it then listed it with old pictures and are trying to commit mail fraud via damaged in shipping insurance claim. I mean what guy who’s ever sold a stone before actually thinks you can buddy wrap stones together like that?
  11. SliceOfLife

    Any Clue on this stone?

    The back of that one looks like my WoA stone. If I owned that stone, I'd call it a natural Tam/WoA combo... even if I'd be wrong technically. Very Cool stone Kcb
  12. SliceOfLife

    Any Clue on this stone?

    Were those labeled Robby? I can see a resemblance to this stone, but I wouldn't say from appearance that that's a WoA. Ambiguous, I'd echo Stone... yours don't look anything like what I'm seeing on this example, rather much more typical WOA. And the one is definitely a dark tam to my eyes.
  13. SliceOfLife

    Badger lover considering a badger/boar mix - Survivable? Sacrilege?

    They don’t sell often. There’s one guy on another forum with a 30 or 40 piece collection and he seems to let one go every now and then. But honestly, at the price they are at, the 70/30 mixed Knots are similar enough, I say Save the money and get one of those.
  14. SliceOfLife

    Tsuboman Atoma Paper

    Atoma aren’t liked by most for honing. A lot of people prefer them for lapping and slurry stones though. They say their 1200 is fine for lapping. DMT used to say not to use anything finer than the 300.
  15. SliceOfLife

    Expensive brushes - yes or no? Poll.

    Until Roughly 2010 Rooney had an extremely high end two band offering they called "Finest". The hair is a stiff, scrubby 2 band with extremely white tips and a ton of backbone, and the knots were packed as dense as any brush has ever been packed. Here's a review of the smallest of the line...