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  1. skibik

    van der hagen?

    I started my DE shaving with the VDH Luxury kit(cup, soap and badger brush). I don't use the brush as it is to scratchy for me. The Luxury soap is quite nice, it is easy to lather, it is slick and it just works great for the money. Sometime last year I bought the VDH razor and it is a little...
  2. skibik

    How much have you spent on your shaving gear? Up until now?

    This was an old post! Hovered on some users on the first couple pages and most haven't been on here in years. Being an old post I didn't vote because I am way beyond $201+. If I added it up I would probably get way too depressed about it.
  3. skibik

    New release is now available!

    +1 on this. You sent me a sample of the AS and I love the scent of Nor'Easter, so much so that I bought a regular sized bottle. I just never thought about purchasing it since it was menthol based but the scent is one of my favorites. I would definitely buy the cologne version of it. Have yet to...
  4. skibik

    No more buying razors.... Henson???

    Well, the website does say "The last razor you will ever buy"! :)
  5. skibik

    Favorite de blade vendor

    Gillette 7 o'Clock Permasharp, (other) Wilkinson Sword Classic and Feather. The first two are my top blades and I don't mind using Feather in some razors like the Tech and New OC.
  6. skibik

    To scrape or to swirl?

    I do this with all creams, croaps and hard(even triple milled soaps). Very rarely I put the brush to the soap now. I have 2 soaps go bad even though I let them dry out for at least 24 hours afterwards. I have not had a soap go bad since I adopted this method of scoop, scrape or carve soap and...
  7. skibik

    Ethos & Saponificio Varesino

    They are a little pricey but in my book they are number one. They are a very hard soap and you will get a lot of use from one puck. Felce is my favorite, I also have 70th Anniversary, Cosmo and the Asylum/SV Colonia. I haven't tried any of the Ethos soaps and will likely won't have a chance to...
  8. skibik

    about shaving cream

    I do the same thing for cleaning the bowl/brush. Only time it changes is when I use my knife to shave off thin strips of my hard soap and press it in the bottom of my bowl. I always carve off too much and have enough for 2-3 shaves, I don't even rinse my lather bowl. I just let the soap dry up...
  9. skibik

    Shaved Goatee

    I did the goatee for a lot of years and shortly after starting DE shaving 5 years ago I ended up hacking it off not because of lack of real estate but of getting skunk stripes or blotches of the dreaded grey/white. I normally keep a mustache but a couple times a year that gets hacked off as well...
  10. skibik

    about shaving cream

    Most of my soaps now whether hard, soft or cream I carve, scrape or scoop some out and put in the bottom of a lather bowl and whip up a lather. I have had a few soaps go rancid or bad so I don't like to get them wet with a brush if I can't help it. Just my preferred option on the way to do it...
  11. skibik

    The 'old' rabbit hole

    I have the SS, Slim and a FB and I prefer my Slim over the 3. I have had 3 Slims, first one ended up giving to a friend only because I found a re-plated one in rose gold in my birth year/quarter. The 3rd one I got in a lot from the auction that included a FB and 2 other razor. The Slim and one...
  12. skibik

    They Don’t Understand

    I don't really talk about this hobby to anyone other than my good friend and co-worker, but then there aren't that many care to or get along with enough to talk about shaving. I don't even remember how the conversation started but I got him started about 6 months after I started and he only...
  13. skibik

    They Don’t Understand

    Can I share your friends? I really don't need any more stuff but it would be a lot cheaper for me to have your kind of friends!:c1:
  14. skibik

    Any minimalists here? How far/close are you from that "Desert Island" set-up?

    I could say I was a minimalist when I started DE shaving 5 years ago and then I found this site, need I say more? I voted veteran but still a little of a hobbyist. I only have 3 brushes one of which I don't use. I have 8 DE razor and 2 Injector of which one I just acquired(Parker Adjustable...
  15. skibik

    Does anybody still use the 3Ts, Castle Forbes or Nancy Boy?

    The 3t's are nothing special. I have Trumper's Lime cream and it is a mediocre performer at best. It is kind of a feminine scent and the only reason I won't get rid of is because is smells like a scent/perfume my Mom used, maybe not the best scent for a man to use. Ditto on TOBS, had a hard puck...
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