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Recent content by SirChangalot

  1. SirChangalot

    Wet Shaving Newbie

    Welcome! That kit seems to be a good one, but you don't really need the bowl.
  2. SirChangalot

    New to Wet Shaving... Want to say Hello

    Welcome! Stirling soaps seem to be great (never tried them though).
  3. SirChangalot

    New Old-Guy Here

    Welcome! Never tried making anything like that myself, but it sure looks interesting.
  4. SirChangalot

    Frenchy from Tokyo

    Welcome to the forum. What straight razor(s) are you using?
  5. SirChangalot

    I'm a noob!

    We're all newbies at some point in time. Glad you decided to join us.
  6. SirChangalot

    New Guy here from NJ

    Good luck, and welcome!
  7. SirChangalot

    New guy here

    patience. The good shaves will come with time and practice.
  8. SirChangalot

    Difficulty Shaving Against the Grain

    Some people just can't shave ATG, if it causes you too much discomfort, just leave it be. Try again in a few weeks/months and see if your technique has gotten better.
  9. SirChangalot

    Anders' shaving journal

    I am fine thank you, a little busy with university lately. I have stared honing my own razors using lapping film and I feel that my ADs have calmed down substantially! My edges are OK, nothing to brag about, but also I feel that I am at least on the right track.
  10. SirChangalot

    WarriorMonk's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Welcome to the HOF!
  11. SirChangalot

    abhi's Entry to the Hall of Fame

  12. SirChangalot

    anart's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Welcome to the HOF.
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