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  1. simon1

    Gun Mods: To Mod, or Not to Mod?

    I do believe he may be related to the Russian gunsmith...Sonofavitch.
  2. simon1

    What was your carry today?

    AMT Backup CCI Lawman 180 gr. SJHP Pocket carry
  3. simon1

    Join Us for the Badger & Blade July 4th Cookout

    You are fully welcome here...but ya have to earn yer keep. :biggrin1: Just now having dessert.
  4. simon1

    Happy Independence Day

    Happy 4th everyone. Oh, wait...I'M ON FIRE! Just kidding. No water or fire extinguisher needed tonight.
  5. simon1

    Join Us for the Badger & Blade July 4th Cookout

    Looks like some good stuff going on, but I'm full. On deck. On the lump charcoal fawr with some corn on the cob. Plated with some green beans and squash from the garden. Looks like I hit medium rare.
  6. simon1

    Canik firearms, and new to B&B, just found this section!!

    Welcome to the forum...you'll be appreciated. I'm not familiar with Caniks, but I'm a revolver guy. Sounds like a Glock...kinda sorta.
  7. simon1


    Neat. I'm wondering about what I saw on the Admiral Twin sight said about "You have to have an FM radio to hear the sound" is about. The speakers should be on a post next to your car that you can put into your window.
  8. simon1

    looking for a new bbq/smoker

    I can help with that...if you wanna come cut it and haul it. Oh, wait. You may not want to be around me. Got a call from my Doctor's office this morning...nurse said that the last time I was in there, a couple of weeks ago, that I had been exposed to the virus. She said the County Health Dept...
  9. simon1

    Where and/or from whom did you learn how to cook?

    That's easy...Mom...when I was a kid. She was a stay at home Mom and thought I needed to know how. And then there are the Aunts, Uncles, and other relatives for country cookin' and bbq. Uncle Leon in Uvalde was good on using coals for bbq when I was a kid. He found a little rattlesnake bound up...
  10. simon1


    I saw where Wallyworld is getting into the drive-in theater business...
  11. simon1

    Which .45

    I second that.
  12. simon1

    What's for Dinner at Your House?

    Just some nachos with my world famous, secret recipe meat filling.
  13. simon1

    Critter Pics.

    One of last year's crop...all grown up now. Well just walk right up, come on in, and sit a spell.
  14. simon1

    Join Us for the Badger & Blade July 4th Cookout

    I do believe some grilled steaks are in queue for this weekend.
  15. simon1

    Home Security/Deterrent Measures So That You Don't HAVE To Shoot Someone.

    Yes...yes I can believe that. I used to play with snakes also when I was a kid. Are you sure you're not Arliss?