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    Modern Cast Iron skillets which do/would you use?

    I don't think I addressed the original question. Mostly Lodge as it is easily available. Although when I was getting Mom's house in N.E. Oklahoma ready to sell about a year or two ago I picked up a couple of cheap Wallyworld Ozark Trail ones so I could have some iron there. They are made in...
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    Cast iron windfall coming

    Inside bottom. I'll have to see if any damage was done.
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    Cast iron windfall coming

    Will go well with my Griswold. Don't know how many pieces there are. They should be in good shape, but when she first got them she watched a YouTube video and took a grinder to the bottom of one of the skillets. SWMBO will probably pick them up when she goes to town this weekend for groceries.
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    Another SIG 365 Variant

    You gots that right. A co-worker had the .45 version and it was on a bigger frame than the .40, but the trigger pull on both was horrible. The .40 is on the .380 frame, and is a bit smaller than the baby Glock. I clipped a couple of coils off the mainspring (which they say your not supposed to...
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    Cast iron windfall coming

    Supposedly. Step-daughter just moved from Dallas to Austin and they are staying in the RV until they find a house there. SWMBO said they didn't want to take it with them and sent the cast iron to me. Sister-in-law has it at her house and SWMBO is going to pick them up this weekend. Supposed to...
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    Are you prepared for the possible end?

    I talked to a guy in a pipe shop a couple of years ago and he said that pipes were trying to be restricted as they were a "Nicotine delivery device" is the way he explained it. Accessory is right. I don't think that the restriction will be passed at this time due to the would lose...
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    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Umm...more info. please.
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    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    Bottom of the bowl. A nice Vitamin N hit though. C&D Bow-Legged Bear in a Charatan.
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    "Okay boomer..."

    Foreign militaries have developed a code that the millennial U.S. military has not been able to crack yet.
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    First bifocals :(

    SWMBO has them and likes them, but I hate 'em. Got some over 20 years ago and when I'd stop a car and keep it in view with my head up, then glance down to grab the radio mic. to call in the tag, the radio was blurry through the bottom of the glasses. The glasses would also fog up on me at times...
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    3-in-1 Oil

    Don't see why it wouldn't work. When we were quail hunting and went back to the truck for lunch Dad would pull the dipstick out of the engine, wipe a bit of motor oil off on his finger, then rub it on the action of his Browning Sweet Sixteen. Just try it for awhile. If it starts to gum up after...
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    have been blessed

    Cobb's is the one I usually use, but the last time the ranch manager gave us a pig we used this one as that was where they were taking theirs. I worked in packing houses for a few years but that place was like the Keystone Kops. They loaded it in the back of my truck and when I got home there...
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    Thanksgiving 2019

    We were supposed to go to sister-in-laws, with daughter-in-law and hubby coming up from Austin and nephew and their family there, but DIL can't come so SIL is going there. Wife bought a whole turkey to cook for that. I think I'll cut the legs off of the turkey and smoke those, then let SWMBO...
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    "Okay boomer..."

    Just a thought.
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    Any outdoor + motorcycle fan here?

    Y'all might enjoy perusing this old thread.