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    The new adjustable Tatara Muramasa

    Been shaving with a Tatara Nodachi using the Masamune base plate for 1 year now. The shaves that I've gotten have been nothing short of perfection. I'm not willing to change brands, or even try another brand. If it's not a Tatara, I have no use for it. So, this new Tatara razor....I don't know...
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    February photo of the month

    Not real. Disqualified. It's a photoshop. Not to mention, you're 800-2500 feet tall, or standing somewhere on Mount Everest or you have a small aircraft that looks like one of these geese , with an engine that sounds like flapping wings, or you're using a variant photoshop, OR Luminar. Other...
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    February photo of the month

    Nah man, leave it. All good.
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    February photo of the month

    Fellas , it has to be a shot done in the month of feburary. lol It's not post away going back 5 years. Not saying any of you have done this , but someone will. lol Edit : I see someone hasn't been able to get out over the last year. What the hell...........nevermind, post away!
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    February photo of the month

    Birds in flight
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    January 2021 Photo Contest: Something OLD

    Thank you fellas. I appreciate it. So far, I've won it twice. Go me! Nah, I get a kick out of it, I really do. Pretty cool forum and some of you guys are really good with technical photography. I have noticed. I've seen images here on this forum , far better than many found on true to form...
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    Thiers Issard , P. Hospital and company

    Sold , pending funds.
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    Thiers Issard , P. Hospital and company

    Thiers Issard - P. Hospital and company. - rare. I have two of these for sale. The other has a custom handle. Both are in brand new condition. The one below was used a few times. Shaving with a straight razor just isn't my thing. 375.00
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    January 2021 Photo Contest: Something OLD

    My great grandfather built this old road. It was originally a railroad track that he used to haul trees from the Atchafalaya basin, to his mill. The railway was built in 1907 and was then transformed into this old gravel road in 1937 or so when he started to buy cattle. The rails are still under...
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    Irritation from Feather blade?

    Dorko Prime platinum 301's and Voskhod's all I use.
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    Soap Lather Machine

    Develop a skill to build a lather? lol. I'm trying to understand how and why some of the folks here try to make it a seemingly impossible task that one must obtain a degree in, to be successful, at. It's not hard. The first time I ever tried to make a lather in a bowl, I had 0 problems. I didn't...
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    Youtube volume

    Companies like this , get too big to fail. Then they start treating the customer base like they are youtube servants. They add additional restrictions, censor whatever they want. Implement policies that offend the base. AOL was too big to fail and did the exact same thing. It's only a matter of...
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