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    Lets see your favorite chef's knife.

    I was a diehard Shun fan until I discovered Doghouse Forge. Beautiful knives made by artisan Jonathan Porter and his wife Emily in Florida. Stock comes and goes as he gets them made and posted, but the knives are worth the wait and very affordable in comparison to other small artisan makers...
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    Where's The Chicken Liver?

    We used to get them at a few select KFCs in our area up until a few months ago. Called ahead to place an order and was told all KFCs have now stopped serving them. They were tender, delicious and filled with the decadent flavor of the Colonel’s seven herbs and spices. It was a sad, sad day...
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    Favorite Cookware

    My wife worked her way through nursing school at Williams-Sonoma about 15 years ago and we wore out her (generous) employee discount. Splurged for a set of All Clad copper-core, and have never wanted for anything else in regard to daily cookware. It’s just incredible stuff and with proper care...
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    Feather Arfist Club DX Razor .

    If your intent is use the Feather as a regular shaver due to the convenience of disposable blades, then the advice given and some patience and practice should get you proficient (and safe). However if like me, you started out on the Feather as a way to "learn" to shave with a straight razor, I...
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    From 1985, but still in fashion. Cant Say that about many other things from the 80s!
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    These Boots are Finally Made For Walking

    It’s funny how in the “modern day” we forget how big of a pain it is to break in good leather shoes. I remember getting new shoes as a kid and having blisters until they finally broke in. And I won’t even mention my first pair of black leather boots in basic training...agony. But once they are...
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    WTB: John Primble/ Belknap Harware SR

    Hello everyone, I‘m searching for a John Primble /Belknap Bluegrass Hardware straight razor in good, usable condition. I’m particularly interested in an example with the faux-stag scales. Would love the original box as well, but I’m open to just the razor. I was born and raised in...
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    Omega Speedmaster...Hesalite

    Like another reply mentioned, a little Polywatch will buff any marks right out. Takes a few minutes. I have a 1977 Speedie Pro that I wear regularly. The hesalite crystal adds a warmth and vibe you can’t get with sapphire. I figure if it was good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for me!
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    Any vintage watch guys here, I need schooled?

    Since you are new to the vintage watch world, I’d highly recommend you check out some of the fantastic online resources. HODINKEE website (they also have a nice app) is a great resource and has frequent articles about vintage watches as well as an easily searchable archive. A lot of the pieces...
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    Probably my most versatile and comfortable watch. I have larger watches, but I still think 36mm is a perfectly acceptable size for an average sized man. I was lucky to get this one pre-owned but practically new on one of the watch forums before Rolex stainless models became “unobtainium”...
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    Watch Ya Wearing

    GMT Master 16750. Just love the acrylic crystal on this watch. Wish Rolex still made real tool watches….sigh...
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    Heljestrand MK 31 in Genuine Tortoise

    That's a gorgeous razor, and I love the scales. I think the MK31 is an incredibly balanced razor, and I really like the thumb notch. Mine has a great blade, but now you've convinced me I need some tortoise scales! :laugh:
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    Horse Hair Care?

    I find that I have to rinse mine out a little more thoroughly than my badgers, or else the hairs dry kind of matted together. I'll admit though, I rarely use my Vie Long horse. It's the gamiest smelling brush I've owned, and I still can't seem to wash the "funk' smell our of it! :001_smile
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    Bear with me - still seeking help buying affordable soap face-lathering badger brush

    I've bought and sold a bunch of brushes lately looking for the best "all around" model. I'm admittedly a fan of Simpson Best knots, so that being said, I'd suggest the Simpson Duke. Probably a Duke 2 since you mention liking a smaller brush. I have a Duke 3, and it has the perfect combination...
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    Antique store goodies and a couple of questions

    What a great find on that straight--congrats!
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