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    Gillette cool wave is underrated

    Have it, love it.
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    You find a $100 bill...

    Don't know about new razors but this was a literal LOL. 😆
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    Tabactober 2019

    A great month of shaves, with thanks to @FoolishMortal for organizing! I ended the month with Hallows but there was a lot of Tabac in there. Definitely one of my favorite soaps!
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    What's your soap for today?

    The last three days were all Hallows, or All Hallows', for me, plus the splash.
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    1947 Gillette Super Speed

    Ugh, thanks for firing up my RAD, dude. Now my notched NDC wants a companion. 😁
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    OCtober 2019

    Lots of great shaves, thanks to @Flintstone65 for organizing! OCtober really improved my feel for my Schone. Also multitasked with Tabac for some shaves FTW.
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    Old Spice Cologne vs. Aftershave

    I'd love to but my wife kinda frowns on that. 😁
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    Old Spice Cologne vs. Aftershave

    The age thing is curious. A (very lovely) 27 year old co-worker has complimented me on several occasions when I was wearing Old Spice. She didn't know what it was the first time, she just thought it smelled good. I'm ok with that.
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    Tabactober 2019

    I'm in. This should make OCtober easier for me as well. Will definitely be rocking the cologne too. Getting the soap out now...
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    This commercial for Brut cologne would spark controversy if it were aired today.

    I like Brut. The commercials are irrelevant.
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    Fougere Gothique

    Oh man you guys are selling me on it! I guess that's kinda what we do here though :biggrin1:.
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    OCtober 2019

    My Schone and I are in!
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    Fougere Gothique

    Good to know, thanks!