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Recent content by SiBurning

  1. SiBurning

    Charity Auction NBCF Auction discussion thread.

    Totally missed the auction. :mad2: Dealing with a bum knee, ignoring life around me. :wheelchair: Made a small donation anyway to support the cause. 💸 Need to put this on my calendar for next year. 📆
  2. SiBurning

    Bialetti in trouble - end of the Moka pot

    I've had the aluminum one go funky green inside, but only the bottom. The top part gets coated with oil from the coffee, and people say don't wash it. This keeps the top from getting verdigris. The bottom just fills with water, and the corners are hard to clean, so that part gets the nasty...
  3. SiBurning

    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    I wonder why more pans aren't made of high carbon stainless. From what I hear, it's basically surgical grade steel. I don't have a pan like this. I can only guess based on the cheap knives I bought when I first left the nest. It was a Macy's branded set made in China. The knives sharpen and...
  4. SiBurning

    What's your death row meal? How about pickled pig knuckles and pigtails?

    I'll have whatever Mr. Creosote had, sans the thin wafer. Don't want to cheat the hangman.
  5. SiBurning

    looking for a container that allows C02 to escape

    We all know you mean the space taken by a few ounces of coffee, but I had to check the literal interpretation. At a density of 2g/L, an ounce of CO2 would want to swell to nearly 4 gallons. Where would all that carbon come from? Decaffeinated coffee is bad enough, but decarbonated? :wink2...
  6. SiBurning

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    You guys inspired me, so off to get Wonder Bread, a cheap block of cheddar, sliced ham. For tomato soup, Campbells, Progresso, and a can of Italian tomatoes just in case I have the energy to DIY. Had a talk with a neighbor about wet ham and how you absolutely positively need to use mayonnaise...
  7. SiBurning

    INFO! I won! What next?

    What I didn't mention is how long my beard is lately, shaving two or three time a month at best, so I don't actually use my gear much. But it's better to give than receive. Especially when your closet is already full of shaving soap.
  8. SiBurning

    Kirkland Signature 5.5 qt saute pan

    My guess is tri-ply with aluminum disc bottom. That would be one very nice pan. No worries scorching anything in the corners with tri-ply. Enjoy!
  9. SiBurning

    Kirkland Signature 5.5 qt saute pan

    You say the pan is very heavy. Is it also thick throughout? It occurs to me that the pan could be tri-ply (a sandwich of stainless, aluminum, stainless) and the bottom could be steel meant for induction cooking. I haven't seen a model like this, but perhaps. The only thing that's certain is...
  10. SiBurning

    Kirkland Signature 5.5 qt saute pan

    I did some research, but can't vouch for any of it. But to answer your question, it appears that prices haven't changed much since the line was created in 1995. You're probably more interested in what a comparable pan would cost today, if you could find one like this. I'm guessing this is non...
  11. SiBurning

    INFO! I won! What next?

    You don't need to actually keep the stuff. You can PIF it The only shaving gear I plan on keeping is the DE blades and maybe the scuttle mug because I'm basically using a small soup cup type thing. The best of it is gone already, and the rest will be soon or I might put it in next year's...
  12. SiBurning

    Lets talk pillows.

    For back sleeping, I use a triangle under the knees and a dog bone under my neck. Alternatives to the dog bone are an inflatable u-shaped car thing, or a rolled up towel. Anything that supports my neck at the right height but doesn't lift my head. Positioning is something to get used to. Could...
  13. SiBurning

    Does anyone else judge men on tv quality of shave?

    I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the stubble on their skin but by the content of their character. -- NOT MLK
  14. SiBurning

    INFO! I won! What next?

    Is it secret? Is it safe? :001_rolle
  15. SiBurning

    INFO! I won! What next?

    It looks like the recipts are PDF files, but I don't see a way to upload a PDF to a private message. I can uplad it, but it becomes public. Am I missing something, or does this need to happen through email?
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