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  1. shupey

    Scent vs Performance

    I find that 99% of artisan soaps perform at pretty much the same level. I wonder if the whole performance talk is to just make this hobby seem more interesting :-) So I would have to say I appreciate the scent more.
  2. shupey

    Solid colognes?

    I have one solid cologne and I find the scents are less 'complex' than a traditional edt. The top notes are more or less not there and the scent doesn't change much over the wear. I do find that it lasts longer on me though, probably due to the wax consistency. A hack to get liquid colognes...
  3. shupey

    Poll: What is your favourite Proraso ASB?

    I didn't know they made a red balm. I have the red splash which I love. I'll have to look into the balm. It's one of my favorite scents.
  4. shupey

    GSBs: Canada, eh!

    Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered 100 blades. I'm using Nacets right now but going to give these a try.
  5. shupey

    Commadore X3 and Colonel X2L purchase question.

    I had a Colonel X2L for a couple months but had to return it because it was shedding 20+ hairs a shave. I've heard others having this issue with Simpson brushes as well. Not to discourage you, just keep that in the back of your mind.
  6. shupey

    Gillette cool wave is underrated

    I have a bottle and it smells awesome. I don't use it often but when I do it has beast strength and longevity.
  7. shupey

    Merkur Futur - First Shave

    Careful with the Futur....they tend to bite :-)
  8. shupey

    Opinions: Best razor that is available on the market currently

    I have 8 razors and the best one for me by far is my Rockwell 6s. I never use my others now.
  9. shupey

    Razorock German 37 Slant is very picky about its blades

    I'm gonna have to revisit this razor with some different blades. I could never get a comfortable cut free shave with this razor in the past so I have shelved it.
  10. shupey

    Rockwell 6C Settings

    For me plate 3 with a Polsilver Iridium or Nacet is the best. There is something about plate 4 on my 6s that always seems to give me bad shaves. If I want a more aggressive shave I jump right to plate 5 which seems to be smoother that 4.
  11. shupey

    Proraso Green

    I like all the Proraso soaps. The only issue I have is they tend to be drying. Luckily their AS balm is one of the best I have tried.
  12. shupey

    New Blade EVERY time?

    No I usually do 3 shaves, maybe 4. I find the 2nd and 3rd shave smoother than the first.
  13. shupey

    Anyone currently using the Merkur Futur? What do you think of it?

    This! I had a Futur which I traded away and then got the Qshave clone. They are pretty much identical. Unfortunately both where way too aggressive for my tastes.
  14. shupey

    What are your thoughts on Aqua Velva Musk?

    I had a bottle. It's gross.
  15. shupey

    Rockwell Razors (6S/6C): A Three Year Follow-up Review...

    My 6s is the only razor I really use now. I love the industrial look too.