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  1. shipr

    Bic - A very pleasant surprise

    A few years ago I tried a couple packs of both the yellow Platinum and red Astor blades and found them to be inconsistent. I would get one fantastic blade followed by a horrible one. It was like 50/50 randomly spread across multiple sealed packs. It sounds like they got their QC in order so it...
  2. shipr

    Lettering question

    Some lettering can be too thin especially after being sanded and polished. I think on vintage brushes the lettering was pressed in with branding irons while the material was still warm from forming, and that's why crooked and uneven letters isn't uncommon. But that's part of the charm of these...
  3. shipr

    Who Should Get The Boar Knot ?

    Fantastic work. All three look great but if pressed my vote is for #2.
  4. shipr

    Help restoring Ever-Ready #115

    I restored that exact same brush and the plastic on the bottom half is really thin and fragile. On my handle the ferrule and base wasn't screwed together rather it was a slip fit that was glued. For the plug stuck in the ferrule, if you can break that plug into two pieces maybe with a small...
  5. shipr

    Let’s make it a trio

    Great work as always. It's nice to see you're still making these fine brushes.
  6. shipr

    How would you polish an acrylic handle?

    I use an aluminum oxide paste polish after wet sanding. That's how I got a mirror shine on this old EverReady.
  7. shipr

    What are some good Rose shaving soaps?

    It is - I love that car. Things have been busy but I pop in when I can.
  8. shipr

    Ever Ready PBT 300 - What Knot?

    Thanks and yes, I measure the loft from the top of the handle to the top of the bristles.
  9. shipr

    Orange Rubberset 300-2

    Great brush. I've never seen another one like it. @BladeShark might know more about it.
  10. shipr

    What are some good Rose shaving soaps?

    I agree with the Dusy and the discontinued Klar Kabbinet recommendation, I found the performance and scent to be quite good. The problem with Dusy is that nobody stocks it state-side and shipping it is quite expensive.
  11. shipr

    Ever Ready PBT 300 - What Knot?

    I restored one a few years back with a 20mm VirginiaSheng finest and set the loft at 52mm. With the large glue bump that particular knot had I had to open up the hole to around 24-25mm. It's a nice handle. The original knot was crazy small, like 16-17mm and looked out of place. I don't have...
  12. shipr

    Unknown razors

    Very cool early razor. It looks like it was stamped out of a single sheet of metal. Probably not home-made since it has the patent app. mark. It's possible the patent wasn't granted and that's why it isn't common.
  13. shipr

    Ray Ban Aviators - yellow/brown lense

    I have an older pair of Bausch & Lomb made Ray-Ban aviators in yellow and they are pretty nice. Not sure how they compare to the current Luxottica ones.
  14. shipr

    Favourite grocery store coffee brands?

    I enjoy Café Bustelo in the yellow can.
  15. shipr

    New Persian Jar

    Great work. A very elegant looking brush.