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    My review of Van Der Lovett shaving soap

    Recently went back and picked up the SweetWood scent of VDL and it is a good soap. The puck is thinner than average yet costs a lot less than many other soaps of a hard texture like this one. The lather is similar to Tabac in that it has a creamy texture with no large bubbles. Will continue to...

    Took a chance on an inexpensive soap... (Viking Revolution)

    I've seen these on Amazon and they look and sound cool but I've been burned by buying unknown soaps before, on the other hand some Etsy soaps have turned out to be quite good Adiago Road being one of them that has good ingredients and was very good for a unknown soap on the forums. Checking the...

    How long does it take you to go through a tub of soap?

    It takes forever to finish a soap lol. Since 2016 I have only finished samples and a few regulated to pre-shave duty. The reason for this is despite keeping track of each soaps usage, I still have enough soaps to shave the entire block for life with some leftover. Its part of the fun to have a...

    What's your soap for today?

    Nice choice! Lime Soda is a great scent. Miss Soap Smooth and sad they closed shop.

    What's your soap for today?

    Gustafsons Stubble Management- nice mix of Anise and Mint which blend well together although I'm not a big fan of either note by itself this scent is interesting. Performance is very good and makes a low structure lather.

    Sebum Gold Dupe?

    That is a hearty ticket for 1 soap but it is suppost to be a luxury product so sometimes it is good to treat yourself to something nice.

    Soap Acquisition Thread

    Hahaha love this movie! Mel Brooks is comedic genius with sometimes strange and unique way of delivery.

    Soap Acquisition Thread

    Even better when they don't use those keywords like you said it drives up price and draws attention from other bidders. Many Vintage soaps perform remarkably well hope this is one of them as well:)

    Why do you have too many soaps?

    I'm currently running a large Shaving Soap museum lol as the main curator it is my responsibility to keep the spark of artisans alive after many of them closed down shop. In all seriousness it is fun to experiment with different soap bases and having some variety adds to the excitement of this...

    Soap Acquisition Thread

    Nice find on that Lords soap!:)

    Shelf life of artisan soaps

    The 12 months sticker is a "best if used by" date that is pretty much just for them to cover their behind in case scent loss occurs. Of the hundreds and hundreds of soaps I have tried over the years only a couple have gone bad, some could be from environmental factors. For the most part the...

    Crown and Crane soaps and balms?

    Love Crown & Crane! Have the whole set of Deep Ellum and it is a fantastic Royal Citrus scent that is complex and classy. Both Jamacian Peppercorn as well as Thungurstan (spelling?) Forrest are both unique and well blended. Their balms are on the thick side so a little goes a long way and you...

    Soap Acquisition Thread

    Mongo is a nice soap, enjoy!:)

    First Time w/Col. Conk

    Hahaha same here. My Conk Amber is mixed with Williams & Arko scented with Dollar Store Old Spice lol. The lather is pretty decent as well. Glycerin soaps really are not as bad as some people make them out to be, on the contrary they are kind of cool with that translucent effect plus some have...
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