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    Giving my face the day off

    I take a day or two off from wet shaving any time I experience irritation after a shave. On those days I use an electric razor. The electric razor doesn't shave as close, but also doesn't cause any irritation.
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    help with further information on Gillette aristocrat, did I pay to much?

    I think you did well. It is a nice looking set.
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    WHAT happened to your very 1st DE razor?

    I still have my first DE razor: a Gillette Slim Adjustable (H3), purchased new in April 1962. It is still in good usable condition and is part of the rotation. I will probably never sell it.
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    Hi from michigan

    Since I also live in Michigan, I just had to join the chorus and say "Welcome". We're glad you're here.
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    Some Mornings My Hands Are Sore

    Here's another suggestion. GEM made a model called "The Parade", which is sometimes called a "baton" handle. There is a thread complete with pictures on the SE forum. It is a single edge razor with a large Bakelite handle which should be very easy to grip with sore fingers. They can be had...
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    My new razor stand (and idea)

    Thank you very much for posting this. I like the idea a lot.
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    Is the market for vintage shaving stuff growing?

    You are spot on about razors and brushes becoming harder to find in the last 6 months to a year. Pieces that sat collecting dust for a very long time are now suddenly gone. When I talk to the dealers they tell me that they are getting frequent inquiries from customers looking for razors and/or...
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    Beginner's Safety Razor for Little Facial Hair Growth

    I am a big vintage Gillette fan, so I would suggest a "Tech". The Tech gets lots of recommendations for new shavers because of it's mild and forgiving nature. They are readily available and can be had for as little as $1--$3 at flea markets. NOS and NIB can be had for $15--$25. The is always...
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    Antique Shop Hunting

    Yeah, HEAVY on the luck. I was out yesterday to a new shop in a small town. Not much shave wise. They had an Ever-ready SE in poor condition and what they had tagged as a 1940 French Aristocrat. It was a 1951-1952 black tip SuperSpeed and plainly said "made in USA" on the bottom. They...
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    My replated Fatboy

    West Coast Razors Reliable Electroplating
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    Tips for pawn shop hunting

    Just so you don't feel too bad: I spent yesterday afternoon going to 3 large antique malls and one flea market. I only saw 5 or 6 SE razors and 1 DE. None of them were outstanding deals, so I didn't buy any of them. Except for gas it was cheap entertainment.
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    Are Old Chrome/Nickle Gillette Razor Blade Cases Rare?

    I have purchased a couple on the 'Bay. They go anywhere from $5 to $15 depending upon finish, condition, and interest. There are almost always some there on auction. Search for "blade case", "blade box", or "blade safe". You can also try adding "metal" and/or "razor"--"metal blade box" or...
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    How long does your DE razor shave take?

    Yup, I'd say that is just about right--give or take a couple of minutes.
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    Tips for pawn shop hunting

    Actually, not getting anything yet is probably a blessing in disguise. Now you have some time to research here at B&B and at other web sites. That will allow you to determine what you might like and what prices are currently. There really is no substitute for knowing what you are looking at...
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    Do you face or mug lather?

    I like to play "mad scientist" and make Uber lathers, so I have to use a bowl. But, after I mix it up I always put it on my face. :001_tongu