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  1. ShaverAZ

    Plastic in badger hair?

    Yank it out with a stout pair of needldnose pliers. If the rest of the knot falls apart, you'll know that it had a definite purpose in keeping it all together.
  2. ShaverAZ

    Nivea sensitive post shave balm

    I've been using Nivea Post Shave Balm for Sensitive skin for a long time now. I add some 100% hylauoronoc acid and menthol to it & it's great!
  3. ShaverAZ

    Hard water...

    Distilled or DI water: 99¢ per gallon at Walmart 30¢ per gallon at Water & Ice stores
  4. ShaverAZ

    Indoor Smokeless Grill?

    Cast Iron Skillet on the regular stovetop, and use a vented range hood.
  5. ShaverAZ

    Dawn Wells--RIP

  6. ShaverAZ

    what is the correct order to use alum block/aftershaver/aftershave balm etc after your shave?

    If you require use of an alum block after shaving, you need to re-evaluate your technique, blades, razor or maybe your soap. Nicks, weepers or irritation are not part of a quality shave.
  7. ShaverAZ

    Bamboo Fly Rod Project

    My Dad's Dad was a High School teacher in Detroit, back when teachers actually knew something, and Detroit Schools were regarded as among the finest in the world. On occasion he'd offer night school classes on building a split bamboo fly rod. He had quite a collection of them, and there were a...
  8. ShaverAZ

    Why all the hate for shave foam?

    If your community doesn't recycle and all your cans and plastic go into the landfill, you need to do something about that.
  9. ShaverAZ

    The Hofbrau Haus "shelf"

    Yes, I was a Senior R&D Engineer at the Siemens Perlach facility
  10. ShaverAZ


    Mostly all vintage & typically Gillettes, and assuredly more than I care to list, or even count.
  11. ShaverAZ

    If you could only own one DE safety razor....

    I'd never consider only one razor, much less only one soap or one brush to use. Talk to any old Soviet & they'll tell you why.
  12. ShaverAZ

    Watch Battery Replacement

    A friend of mine's mother would sell her car and buy another when the tires needed replacing. Her car dealer was happy to oblige, and even sent out people driving 2-3 different models of new car for her to choose from.
  13. ShaverAZ

    Vintage spoons to scoop up soap/cream

    Antique Salt Cellars often had a tiny silver salt spoon in them. I found a sterling spoon from the 30's online for cheap. It's small & will level scoop about a pea-sized bit of soap, but can hold more if not level. It works great for ToBS and Cremogena.
  14. ShaverAZ

    The Hofbrau Haus "shelf"

    I lived in Munich for several years, but because of terrorist activities, didn't visit the Hofbräuhaus for about 2 years. My boss was killed by Baader Meinhof when they blew up his armored limo so I also stayed away from a lot of public places. At the Hofbräuhaus, when you got a table, it was...
  15. ShaverAZ

    What razor in your collection is your favorite go-to razor?

    My 1918 Old Type with a BiC or Voskhod blade is a favorite, as are A New LC. The Milord and 1947 Super Speed are tied for a smooth and close shave with nearly any blade in my shave lab.
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