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  1. ShaverAZ

    A penny for your thoughts .. on shave butter

    Here's a penny & change ...
  2. ShaverAZ

    A penny for your thoughts .. on shave butter

    I can get a BBS shave with numerous blade and (usually vintage) razor combinations. I started using my own blend of Noxzema, kokum butter and avocado oil last year. It doesn't improve the excellent shaves from any of my favorite soaps, but it does seem to increase the quality life of my blades...
  3. ShaverAZ

    Who isnt going back to their barber shop when all this is over?

    Been cutting my own hair for over 15 years, so it's Business as Usual for me.
  4. ShaverAZ

    What's Your Breakfast?

    Popcorn in the cereal bowl with milk & sugar, topped with sliced bananas. Coffee.
  5. ShaverAZ

    What TV series you watching?

    Stargate SG-1. They just started airing the 1st season on Comet TV.
  6. ShaverAZ

    Shaving With Sample Soaps

    I've got a sample in the same tiny size jar. I just swirl a damp brush over the little jar, until loaded, then bowl lather as usual. No particular technical skill needed.
  7. ShaverAZ

    What the heck just happened?? (Gillette Tech)

    Not sure how many Techs & Tech clones I actually have, since the numbers seem to grow on their own. But I've shaved with every one of them & they all (but one clone) give exceptional shaves
  8. ShaverAZ

    Your Oldest Razor?

    1917 Old Type
  9. ShaverAZ

    Gillette Heritage Initial Review

    The 'Pawn Stars' "VanDerWeishiPawnStar" is a solid razor made by WeiShi. It'll be a milder shave than a Gillette Tech or Clone, but will give you a close and irritation-free multiple pass shave with about any mid-aggressive blade. Astra SP's (or any popular blade) will give you a better shave...
  10. ShaverAZ

    Junk DE Double Blade Russkie "Military" Razors, Revisited

    Buy it for the blade spacer to use on a real razor & not for a decent shave. The heads are poorly made & don't hold either single blade or 2 blades with spacer straight. The blades are wavy & uneven. I don't snap the top blade when using the spacer in a Gillette Tech or clone - it isn't necessary.
  11. ShaverAZ

    Junk DE Double Blade Russkie "Military" Razors, Revisited

    Todays' shave was with 2 shark Stainless pulled from other razors, but with only about 3 shaves on each blade. 10 hours later, I'm still BBS smooth. I did get a couple of nicks under my nose, but I don't get a good angle when using other blades or razors, either.
  12. ShaverAZ

    Junk DE Double Blade Russkie "Military" Razors, Revisited

    The corrugated stainless steel Spacer goes between the blades. I don't bother snappoing the top blade, since it aligne easier on a Gillette Tech-type razor when left whole.
  13. ShaverAZ

    Gillette Milord or Super speed?

    My Milord looks (only gold) and shaves the same as my '47 Super Speed (pre-notch bar)
  14. ShaverAZ

    Junk DE Double Blade Russkie "Military" Razors, Revisited

    Didn't want to 'waste' good blades, so I pulled a pair of Treet Black Beauties out of the blade bank & set them up with the corrugated blade spacer, using a Ying Jili head on the Russian plastic handle. They easily aligned parallel. 4 passes with no irritation or nicks - 8 hrs later, still BBS...
  15. ShaverAZ

    Gillette Model Identification Help?

    If you like longer handles, take a look at the Gillette Super Adjustable 109 (109.5mm long handle). They were made in both metal bottom plate & the newer dates with black plastic baseplates. Both shave the same as the Slim.