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    Rollerball and Fountain Pen Gift Set

    I have one of these TWSBIs. It is a good pen and the one I use the most. Mine is an extra fine nib and writes smoothly and the ink flows nicely from it. I'm sure you will enjoy yours!
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    Landline phones

    I'm also in Canada. I haven't had a land line for years now. It was redundant because I had a cell phone, so there was no need to pay two fees to be able to make a phone call. I have never missed it. I only pay just over $50 for the month on the phone (that includes the tax). And I bring my own...
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    Rubik’s cubes.

    I could never do it back in the 80s. But some of the guys I knew in high school back then could do it. Here is an ebay link to an old cube and the instructions on how to solve it. Rubik's Cube, The Ideal Solution booklet, 1980 Ideal Toy Corporation | eBay -...
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    Getting a Haircut during this Crisis, Hmmm?

    My goal is to get my hair looking just like the photo!
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    Getting a Haircut during this Crisis, Hmmm?

    I cut my own hair last weekend for the first time. Just used clippers and I was happy with the results. My last haircut was June 2020. Then we went into lockdown again last fall, and I didn't get into the barber before that happened. I don't mind having longer hair, but it was getting pretty...
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    What Are You Reading?

    I really like the Travis McGee books. I definitely will read all of them. I haven't read many of MacDonald's other books. I enjoyed The Executioners which was adapted to the movies as Cape Fear. The book is much darker than the film in terms of the main character Sam Bowden and why Max Cady is...
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    John le Carré ... RIP

    I missed this news. I've enjoyed many of his books. RIP.
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    The Star Wars Holiday Special

    I prefer the holiday special to the movies 😜
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    Favorite Watch Wearing Device

    Depends on the watch and the season. Usually metal, but I have a nato on one for the entire summer. But I modify it so it is a single strap long. They used sell single strap nylon bands and I think they were called Zulus. But if you search that term you really only get natos as the result these...
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    Songs with a great intro

    I remember JD Roberts doing a show on CITY TV called 4 O'Clock Rock. I think it was a hit parade of videos. That was back around the mid 1980s. Time does fly!
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    Found film

    I'm not sure about the film you found. If I found a roll and was curious to develop it I'd do a stand development. Even for a brand new roll you just shot stand works well.
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    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Another one that is an oldie but a goldie - Suddenly
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    The Last Movie You Watched?

    I watched an old favorite - The Third Man. Hadn't watched it in years. It was great to see it again.
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    Mac vs Windows 10

    I also got tired of Windows updates, which caused both my laptop and desktop to need reinstall everything one time for each machine. After those experiences, I would get stressed every time Windows was telling me it was about to update the machine. Just too much worry that it would break the...
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    What do you watch on YouTube?

    I like the Hydraulic Press channel. They have lot's of fun crushing stuff, and I enjoy seeing things get crushed. There are also lots of history videos on Youtube. I find that they are a great way for me to find out about so much that I wasn't around to see for myself 😜
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