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  1. Shave Cat

    Skipping that daliy shave shave in the 50's & 60's

    LOL My wife and I just watched that movie via Netflix. It was a Schick injector he used. The lather he applied with his brush wasn't thick and fluffy, but was thinner, more like what I remember Dad using. I'm sure there wasn't a blade in his razor, as he kept shaving the same spot.
  2. Shave Cat

    When safety razors were common

    +1 Generally, there wasn't a wide variety of products to choose from. You had the latest offerings from Gillette, Schick, and ASR in both razors and blades. You could get soap from Old Spice, Williams, and Colgate. In the early 50s, most creams like Palmolive, Gillette, and Burma Shave still...
  3. Shave Cat

    Skipping that daliy shave shave in the 50's & 60's

    I'm old enough to remember "the day". Unless we were in military boot camp, we didn't attempt bbs, so shaving injuries including razor burn were rather minor. It was expected that young guys would suffer little nicks and cuts. No one though anything of it. Five o'clock shadow was considered...
  4. Shave Cat

    Barbershop or cut your own hair?

    I dunno. Maybe #1, but #2-4 would make me wonder, "Why do you say that?" Also, it depends on the tone of voice used when the remark is made.
  5. Shave Cat

    Gillette Reflects UK Manufacturing

    Not just razors. Try finding a decent pair of shoes.
  6. Shave Cat

    Barbershop or cut your own hair?

    When "bad haircuts" became frequent at our local barber shop (There's only one in our community.), my wife offered to become my barber. Not wanting to drive 30 minutes and then wait for who knows how long, I accepted her offer. She's not professionally trained to cut hair, but rather learned...
  7. Shave Cat


    I have a Cooper like that one. Its head is the same as a Swee-Do. At least mine is. It takes a proprietary blade. You can get a standard DE blade to work if you enlarge the cutout in the center of the blade. The round holes in a standard blade don't quite match the head either, so it's a...
  8. Shave Cat

    Is that a Single Ring in this picture?

    The razor on the left appears to be a single ring. I'm not saying definitely because other companies, besides Gillette, made razors with a similar appearance.
  9. Shave Cat

    Razor Id request

    If we want to impress someone, we'll call it a custom job.
  10. Shave Cat

    Razor Id request

    I've taken a closer look, and although the handle looks like a Swee-Do, the head doesn't look like the Swee-Dos I've seen: Note the bottom of the head. The Swee-Do doesn't have posts that extend all the way through. Since these handles fit most vintage razors, I can't tell what the razor in...
  11. Shave Cat

    Razor Id request

    +1 Swee-Dos take a special blade, but you can enlarge the opening in the center of a standard DE blade and use it although the round holes in the blade don't line up perfectly. I've done it. Edit: See my next post below (#7) for a correction
  12. Shave Cat

    Just tried vintage Williams

    Just for the heck of it, I've been lathering with modern Williams for the past week. No problems here. If there's anything I would consider a little tricky though, it might be loading enough soap into the brush. With potassium stearate (adds slickness) being the first ingredient in the modern...
  13. Shave Cat

    Help with GEM Identity

    +1 Even using old advertisements, we can only come up an approximate with a range of years since ASR didn't advertise as much as Gillette did. For instance, I recently found an ad that was published in a winter 1949 edition of "LIfe" magazine that showed both the Gem bullet tip Micromatic and...
  14. Shave Cat

    In which my ER 1914 SE goes vampire.

    Tom, Do both of yours have the same wording inside? My older one says American Safety Razor Co. Inc. while the newer says American Safety Razor Corp. Also, the reverse side of the head is different, apparently due to a slight difference in assembly. In my pic above, you can see two tiny...
  15. Shave Cat

    In which my ER 1914 SE goes vampire.

    The difference I see in my early and late 1914 heads is the angle between the head and the handle: A lot of guys get used to holding a razor's handle at a certain angle. These two razors will yield completely different shaves if the handle is held the same relative to the skin. Or maybe...