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  1. shave/brush

    Marvel or DC?....Go.

    DC has Superman and Batman. DC is my choice.
  2. shave/brush

    Do you turn the hobby off?

    If I want a hassle free quick shave I use a cream which I think makes lather the quickest. I will also use a mild razor. I hate canned soap and I hate pivot-head razors. It's not traditional wet shaving.
  3. shave/brush

    Gillette Yellows - duller?

    I have a new pack (100) of the Yellows and they work just fine. I still think they are he best DE blade around. The GSBs may be a tad better but I don't buy them anymore because they put so much of that shipping wax on them it makes a mess.
  4. shave/brush


    I really like it. Worth a try.
  5. shave/brush

    Recommend a tobacco please.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Sounds interesting.
  6. shave/brush

    Recommend a tobacco please.

    I like to keep things simple. I never thought of tobacco rotation but here I am just getting back into pipe smoking about a month ago and I already have 11 different tobaccos. The last time I smoked a pipe I only had maybe 2 kinds of tobacco. It is fun to experiment.
  7. shave/brush

    Now THIS is what a pipe should be like

    Those are unique looking pipes. Very nice. I hope you enjoy them very much.
  8. shave/brush


    Aftershave with alcohol just feels more refreshing after a shave. I love it.
  9. shave/brush

    Recommend a tobacco please.

    I decided the next tobacco I want to try is a Kentucky blend which a couple of you guys pointed out to me, Mac Baren: HH Old Dark Fired. It's on order already. From what most guys say it has a rich bold flavor. I have to take it easy for awhile after this one. I'll have eleven different...
  10. shave/brush

    New Pipe a real Bargain

    I called a smoke shop about a week ago looking for some pipe tobacco. The guy told me he had none because when he did have it it all went stale and he had to throw it away. He said no one buys it. Just thought I'd add this little tid-bit.
  11. shave/brush

    New Pipe a real Bargain

    It looks good. You should have many fine smokes from it.
  12. shave/brush

    New Pipe a real Bargain

    Glad to hear that. I'm looking forward to many good smokes from it.
  13. shave/brush

    New Pipe a real Bargain

    The Savinelli is what got me back into pipe smoking. I use to smoke a pipe years ago but gave it up. Then I saw a thread recently where someone just bought one of these Savinelli 320. I loved the way it looked so much I had to buy one. I'm not sorry I did.
  14. shave/brush

    New Pipe a real Bargain

    Thank you gentlemen for the compliment. I love the Savinelli.