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    Casey Anthony thread: for those who didn't get to participate in the original thread

    I tend to agree with the last few posts. I'm not sure why this particular case made the news. I am even more confused by Nancy Grace, who seems to make a great deal of money by means of exploiting tragedy. She has also been wrong about many of the things she has criticized (Duke lacrosse...
  2. Shane

    Night-time shavers...

    I don't. I tend to leave aftershave for immediately after the shave only. In the morning I use different products altogether.
  3. Shane

    Shaving Cream for Winter?

    I second the notion to go with TOBS Avocado. If you can find a shaving cream where lanolin is a main component, that would be good in the winter, also.
  4. Shane

    Musgo Real pre-shave soap

    Clean your face with it, rinse it off, add a shave oil or something like Proraso Pre-Post, and then continue from there.
  5. Shane

    Man Plans, God Laughs

    The old Yiddish proverb proved true in my life once again. I'm here, the day after my 29th birthday, covered in facial hair. Work was work, and it beat me up pretty good, but a few moons ago, I remember saying I was back and ready to contribute to the site after a long hiatus trying to get...
  6. Shane

    49 years ago today

    I hear he also played basketball on occasion.
  7. Shane

    Rock album where all songs are great

    Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea My Morning Jacket - It Still Moves Stone Roses - Self-Titled Nick Drake - Pink Moon Radiohead - OK Computer Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People John Cale - Paris 1919
  8. Shane

    Is there a GREAT line of creams that come in smaller sizes?

    Taylor of Old Bond Street, George F. Trumper, and Truefitt & Hill all sell their creams in tubes that are half the size of their tubs; about 2 and a half ounces if I remember correctly.
  9. Shane

    Sleeper movies

  10. Shane

    The last shave that made you realize why you do this thing...

    Mine was tonight. It is roughly 43 degrees outside, and the windows are open. I have about two days worth of growth on my face. I'm gonna light my face up, and give myself a treat. I'm a bona fide night shaver anyhow, but tonight...tonight was special. Can't really explain why, but it...
  11. Shane

    Nascar season..

    I really hope this is Denny Hamlin's year. I fell through the floor with the last minute championship snag by Jimmie Johnson.
  12. Shane

    What do you do?

    Elementary school music teacher.
  13. Shane

    SOTD January 31st, 2011 through February 6th, 2011

    MRGLO Soap Lab Series Scrub Mama Bear's Awakenings/Merkur Slanthammer/Gillette 7 O'Clock Green Mühle 23mm Silvertip Thayer's Lavender AV Ice Blue Kiehl's Facial Fuel w/SPF Lookin' good and feelin' fine.
  14. Shane

    Custom title - how?

    +1 Custom titles come to you like thieves in the night. Trust me.
  15. Shane

    Anyone NOT like Mama Bears?

    They're just really good soaps.