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Recent content by Shamejedi

  1. Shamejedi

    Anyone try Brickell?

    I recently got their sampler pack. The brushless shave cream is pretty good, and I don't say that lightly--I've never liked brushless creams before. It's got a great evergreen smell to it. I agree with you about the aftershave. It's almost a pine kind of scent with some sort of incense-type...
  2. Shamejedi

    Captain's Choice ?

    Thanks for the tip!
  3. Shamejedi

    Your most sophisticated smelling aftershave?

    Ditto, except without the geezer part. I get a lot of compliments when I splash on Tabac, even from my students (15-16 year-olds addicted to Axe body spray. Hm. Worded that way, doesn't sound like the most ringing endorsement.). I also managed to get my hands on some Crown Imperial AS and...
  4. Shamejedi

    Captain's Choice ?

    Same question here. I'm contemplating buying the co9t and the lime. Any suggestions for EDTs or colognes that would go well with them? Thanks!
  5. Shamejedi

    L'occitaine vetyver

    Vetyver lasts all day on me as well. Like the OP, I first encountered this scent while shopping with SWMBO. I tested it, then went about shopping for another few hours. At the end of our mall trip, it still smelled great and SWMBO declared it one of her favorite man-scents. I'm about ready...
  6. Shamejedi

    Al Raz's The Bomb shaving cream

    I got a sampler back when I first started wet shaving about 9 months ago. They were all fantastic, and Al actually took the time both to ask for and respond to my feedback. I'm just now finishing up the entire range of products I bought to kick-start my software collection, and I'll definitely...
  7. Shamejedi

    Deal & Done!

    Thanks very much! You did save me a couple of trips with that tip.
  8. Shamejedi

    Deal & Done!

    I feel you. I'm still hunting for my elusive "favorite splash". Pinaud Clubman is a strong favorite, but I haven't tried their Bay Rum yet. I may have to hunt down a Walgreens to see if I can pick some up at this ridiculously low price! Each brand of Bay Rum splash is a little different. At...
  9. Shamejedi

    Free Honing (if you can’t do it yourself)

    +1. Tremendous generosity!
  10. Shamejedi

    First use of Vie-Long Sardinero 13800 Horse Hair Brush

    Was the 13800 a limited run? I just searched for it a couple of places and came up empty. I've been kicking around the idea of trying a horsehair brush for a while now, and this thread made me willing to try that model.
  11. Shamejedi

    knife sharpening

    Honed: Thanks for posting that link. It made me think I might actually be able to sharpen my own kitchen knives if I get some stones and then get some stones. I've been kicking around the idea for a couple of months now because I feel a case of SRAD coming on and would want to hone my own...
  12. Shamejedi

    First attempt at Kimchi

    Shawn, I live not far from a large Korean grocery store called Lotte. I'd be happy to send you some if you can't find it out your way. PM me if interested. Someone also mentioned rice powder--definitely recommend. Dried shrimp--definitely recommend. One recipe I have also calls for grated...
  13. Shamejedi

    Some Favorite Steak Marinades?

    One of our all-time household favorites for very lean cuts is made up of equal parts bourbon and soy sauce with a little drizzle of olive oil whisked in. Perforate the steak with a fork on both sides, then give it about 1 hour per side in the soak for an avg thickness flank steak, a little...
  14. Shamejedi

    Gunter Wilhelm

    Would any of you be able to opine on Gunter Wilhelm brand kitchen knives? They're camped out at my Costco this week, and the prices are pretty darn low for the knives they're selling. The knives are hefty, look good, and fit my hands well. They claim to be designed in the USA, forged in...
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