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  1. sfeile

    New vape recommendations?

    I've been a Sigelei fanboy for quite some time. Other than my Wismec noisy cricket 2, but it's a mech so you need to know what you are doing with it. I will say however, my wife, son and his girlfriend all have Voopoo drag mods with the Voopoo mesh tanks. They have turned out to be very good...
  2. sfeile

    Child-Proof(mostly) case?

    Sorry for not replying, I completely missed this. I did not make it, I designed/spaced/decided/whatever you want to call it, and my father-in-law made it for me. He used cherry and some stain that was left over from my dad's shop when we made my bathroom cabinets so it matches everything...
  3. sfeile

    2018 Gold Dollar Mod Competition

    None for me this time around. All my free time is being spent at the forge.
  4. sfeile

    2018 Gold Dollar Mod Competition

    There are some good looking razors already this year guys! Great work everybody!
  5. sfeile

    Looking for your first handgun?

    Most states require a permit for carry, but there are a few, NY and NC that I know for sure, that require a permit to purchase. Well, NC requires a permit to purchase. NY you have to have your carry license first, then each pistol you purchase must be "added" by the sheriffs office to your permit.
  6. sfeile

    Looking for your first handgun?

    I would add intended purpose as ShaverGN stated as a consideration. I would also add to stay away from "pocket" pistols for a first pistol. Grip, sighting, and control are going to be fun enough to learn for a new handgun shooter, there is no need to add the frustration of a short sighted jumpy...
  7. sfeile

    What is the worst handgun you ever owned?

    I had a Raven .22 years ago. I knew it wasn't a high quality name, but I figured eh, it's only a .22 right? I think the frame and slide were made from lead..... I wore all the moving contact parts to the point it wouldn't function at all in just under 250 rounds of standard velocity .22LR.....
  8. sfeile

    What camera and photo gear do you use?

    Granted I've been out of photography for a few years now, but I'm not sure how film is more versatile than digital. I upgraded to digital from film because of it's versatility. You are out doing some model shots and a pretty butterfly lands as you finish. You don't have to rewind and waste...
  9. sfeile

    Child-Proof(mostly) case?

    First of all, congrats on the little one!! I use a custom case, but it looks like this. Up out of reach and depending on the latch you put on, it's lockable as well.
  10. sfeile

    2018 Gold Dollar Mod Competition

    Razors are looking good gentlemen!
  11. sfeile

    Wire cutters for cutting pinning rod?

    Most cutters will deform the wire when they cut. The amount depends on the sharpness of the cutter and the hardness of the pin. For razor pins, cut them a little long then file the ends flat. That will get rid of your deformation and also make it easier to peen.
  12. sfeile

    2018 Gold Dollar Mod Competition

    Not this time around. Too much other stuff going on.
  13. sfeile

    2018 Gold Dollar Mod Competition

    Can't wait to see what everybody comes up with this year. Good luck to all!
  14. sfeile

    My first scales are in the making...

    Those look great Bob! :a14:
  15. sfeile

    [Q] Stropping before and after?

    I dry my blade and use linen after the shave, then leather before the next one.
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