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    How Old Are B&B Active Members?

    Aloha, 57 this year. Where did the years go??? Mahalo
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    Cleaning and desinfecting razors

    Aloha, Maybe a bit overboard but, any used razor I receive gets a Scrubbing Bubbles wash, Barbicide soak, alcohol soak, drying for 2 days then a rest in the UV sterilizer unit. Mahalo
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    opinions for a dive watch

    Aloha, All great suggestions. I came across this Really great prices with a variety of options including movement options. Specials on new models are incredible. Mahalo
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    Ordering shoes online?

    Aloha, Went the expensive way around. I found the Allen Edmonds shoe I wanted on eBay. Didn't matter the condition just looking for size comparison. That way I had a better idea on how it will fit before dropping $300 for a new pair. I was able to get the eBay shoe recrafted at $100 for a...
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    First use of Feather DX Kamasori

    Aloha, Okay took my first shave with the Feather DX with ProGuard blade. Taking all the advice to go slow and sure, I got through the cheeks and right side of my mustache without a single burn or weeper. Then I got way over confident on the left side mustache, went a little faster and...
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    My first Swiss watch

    Aloha, If a metal bracelet is good enough for James Bond it is good enough for me. Mahalo,
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    Can someone suggest a good pipe Tobacco?

    Aloha, Starting out with a mellow aromatic such as Mac Baren Original would be a good start. Mahalo
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    4 year old cigar - ok to smoke it?

    Aloha, Only one way to tell. Just smoke it. Mahalo
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    Does anyone wear a Rolex as their daily timepiece?

    Aloha, My parents got me a Rolex Air King for my high school graduation. I wore it every day for 20 years and rarely took it off. Even took a shower with it to make sure it was cleaned daily. The only time I would take it off was when I went to sleep. After 20 years I was able to purchase a...
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    Multi tool tamper

    Aloha, Is there a multi-tool that includes a tamper for pipes? I am looking for something along the lines of a Swiss Army Knife or Leatherman with a tamper as one of the tools. Mahalo
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    Best Mechanical Pencil

    Aloha, I love my Cross Century pencil. Classic looks, great feel, and lifetime warranty (on mechanical, not for loss.) Mahalo
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    My Stoopid Legs

    Aloha, Try having a 29" inseam. Always looking for only 30" length. The 32" length can be hemmed to 29 but the crotch of the jeans hangs unusually low. Mahalo
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    First pen recommendation

    Aloha, Pilot Metropolitan was a great starter pen for me. I still carry it around as my daily go to pen. It was cheap enough that I don't really care if it gets lost, stolen, or damaged during the course of the day. I would cry if any of that happened to my Waterman Carene or worst if it...
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    What happened to taking your hat off inside?

    Aloha, Well, I just follow what dear old dad taught me. If you wear a hat indoors expect it to be slapped off your head (especially caps.) Just takes one time and you will never do it again. Mahalo
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    pants with a comfort/elastic waist

    Aloha, The Scottevest Hidden Cargo Pants have and elastic waistband they call the Fiesta waistband. Very comfortable. The only problem I have is that my dad taught me that if the pants has belt loops you must wear a belt. That has hampered some of my comfort with these pants in business...