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  1. serbbres

    Unknown DE Razor "Raduso Luxury"

    Präzision is in German... I've tried it with the blue Astra. Very direct and aggressive. I had to shave very carefully. Yes, its a well made razor and heavy to. About 62g.
  2. serbbres

    Unknown DE Razor "Raduso Luxury"

    Hi all, Found this one on a flea market here in Austria. There is no information on the net. Any suggestions?
  3. serbbres

    Gillette Single Rings with British Patent Numbers

    Hello all, Here is my single ring made in England. No logos. Serial Number looks like: B183390 on the inner barrel. BR.PAT. No. 28.763 OF'02 No idea about the box. Bought in Austria.
  4. serbbres

    Gillette leather box

    @mr-razor: I don't think so. It looks all original. It's impossible to take the inside elements out of the box. Thank you for the excellent work on your web page.:a14: @santamariasteve: The New don't fit in the box. It's to big for the box. Currently I don't own the "New Improved".
  5. serbbres

    Gillette leather box

    Hello everyone, I bought some time ago a blue leather box manufactured by Gillette. I found no information about the box. The Old Style single ring fits perfect into the box. Mine is from 1917. But i think the box is much younger. Have anyone an idea what razor was originally sold with...
  6. serbbres

    Adjusting a bent or asymmetric safety bar on a slim or Fat Boy adjustable

    Thank you very much...I just fixed my slim.