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  1. sehrgut

    Finished- Carnival contest # 5... Your favorite thread on B&B

    I'd have to say I've gotten the most mileage out of the reviews section -- not to mention that section's drained my wallet to the most significant extent . . . *grins*
  2. sehrgut

    Carnival of Smiles Contest #3 - Grampa's Blade Jar

    180's the number I'm I'm pinning my hat on, but I'm nearly certain it's wrong. I gave up counting and decided to leverage the power of the our large(ish) sample population or people who presumably did try to guess their very best. So, after computing the standard deviation and discarding...
  3. sehrgut

    FINISHED - Contest # 1 - It's Raffle Time!

    *stands in line* *requests a raffle ticket* *points off to the side to distract the carney and attempts to snatch a second ticket* *grin*
  4. sehrgut

    Finished- Carnival contest # 2... CALLING ALL LATHERMEISTER'S

    My long shave: First I fill my atomic scuttle with warm water and set my brush in it. As soon as I plug it in -- and fill and plug in a gutted perkpot (never used for coffee: what blasphemy that'd be!) full of water for my hot towel, into the shower I go. Hot shower + clean face + hot towel +...
  5. sehrgut

    Art of Shaving giveaway

    Skeptic that I am, I almost deleted this as "too good to be true". Turns out, though, that AoS is sending "preferred customers" (i.e. those on their spamlist) a request to re-up, and a sho' 'nuff deal as a bribe: their $25 starter kit that comes with their shaving oil, SC, and ASB (1 oz each)...
  6. sehrgut

    Shaving goods in Aberdeen?

    So I'm going to be in Aberdeen, Scotland for ten days. With what should I feed my ADs?
  7. sehrgut

    Bouffant hair?

    Did someone say bulbous bouffant?
  8. sehrgut

    Knot Supplier?

    I've used it to hunt down coffee . . .
  9. sehrgut

    What's your favorite bay rum aftershave

    Odd . . . Maybe I'm too used to the Pinaud and Ogallala, because I detect very little in the way of spice notes in the Royall. It's much more a true bay rum to my nose.
  10. sehrgut

    I can't believe it really worked!!!

    I've often thought that, unless clay or some other additive is present, glycerine soap is glycerine soap is glycerine soap (i.e. Conk, VDH Glycerine).
  11. sehrgut

    C&S Frankincense & Myrrh

    A bit dry -- almost with bitter overtones from too much myrrh. It's fairly simple: I don't get much more than benzoin and myrrh.
  12. sehrgut

    Do all creams & soaps break down whisker strength?

    The keratin matrix of hair can absorb quite a bit. "Wet hair" is not simply wet on the surface, but has absorbed water. Yes, the vitamin-enriched shampoos are bogus, but because vitamins do nothing for dead cells, not because they can't enter the dead cells.
  13. sehrgut

    Do all creams & soaps break down whisker strength?

    I work in a bio lab, so I could probably come in on a weekend and take pictures with a scope . . .
  14. sehrgut

    Do all creams & soaps break down whisker strength?

    Aha! Finally a use for the beard hair I'm going to shave off in the middle of December! I like how you think!
  15. sehrgut

    Do most alcohol based aftershave splashes have more "burn" than Booster's?

    Pinaud Bay Rum. 'Nuff said . . .