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    Night time shaving cream

    What is a good night time shaving cream? A shaving cream that isn't to scented but a good scent for a night shave.
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    How To Break In A Brush & Get The Funk Out

    Hi, I'm just curious as to whether you soak your brush in hot warm or cold water?
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    Alum and Aftershave

    Thanks everyone for your help
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    Stainless Steel shaving bowl vs ceramic/porcelain bowl vs cup

    What are the pros and cons of each Stainless Steel shaving bowl vs ceramic/porcelain bowl vs cup. The ceramic/porcelain bowl and cups are more expensive than the Stainless Steel shaving bowl, is there much difference and is it worth spending the extra dollars on the The ceramic/porcelain bowl...
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    Aftershave vs Cologne

    Thank you so much, I tried to search prior to creating the post but couldn't find anything.
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    Aftershave vs Cologne

    What is the difference between Cologne and Aftershave?
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    Shaving cream scents

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    Alum and Aftershave

    Thank you for your help
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    Alum and Aftershave

    Can you use alum and alcohol base aftershave or is there no point using both. Is it one or the other. Sorry for the stupid question, I'm new to DE shaving
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    What is the difference, what categories are they?
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    Shaving cream scents

    TOBS SANDALWOOD shaving cream
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    Nivea sensitive post shave balm

    Thanks for your help, I'm also using Astra blades and if I don't go ATG I don't get all the hair.
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