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  1. Scritchnscrub

    Musgo Real Original

    A true classic. Good Luck!
  2. Scritchnscrub

    Simpson Case C1 Mod

    Nothing - I’m not a fan of Simpson knots.
  3. Scritchnscrub

    FS Lot: Weber Bulldog Handle, Blades and Wilkinson Soap Sticks

    Will sell the lot with just one Wilkinson stick for $30. Will also trade the lot for a Weber Wave or iKon Bamboo handle or Truefitt & Hill Ultimate Comfort Shaving Cream.
  4. Scritchnscrub

    FS Lot: Weber Bulldog Handle, Blades and Wilkinson Soap Sticks

    Selling these all together as a lot: 1. Weber Bulldog Stainless Steel Handle. 2. 93 Personna Lab Blue blades and 10 Feathers (to make it more than an even 100). 3. 2 Wilkinson Shave Sticks. Whether you're interested in this lot or not, I highly recommend the Wilkinson shave stick. It has...
  5. Scritchnscrub

    Simpson's poll

    I should have said that I’m not a fan of their prices for their higher end knots such as Manchurian, Silvertip etc.
  6. Scritchnscrub

    Simpson's poll

    I have owned at least a dozen Simpsons over the years. Love their handles, not a fan of their best or super knots or their prices. I currently own a Case and a 58, both with Shavemac knots.
  7. Scritchnscrub

    Soap from Recycled Cooking Oil (Deep Fryer)?

    Man, I don’t know what cosmetics you’ve been using but I assure you I haven’t been using anything like those.
  8. Scritchnscrub

    Soap from Recycled Cooking Oil (Deep Fryer)?

    I’d like to nominate this for freakiest thread I’ve read on B&B to date. I joined in 2010. It’s almost enough to turn me back to Edge Gel.
  9. Scritchnscrub

    Best performance/value cream?

    Proraso creams are great value/performance propositions. My favorite is the green. I find it a touch better than the others performance wise.
  10. Scritchnscrub

    Will Edge Gel by Schick harm a shaving brush

    It will harm only your self-respect. 🙂
  11. Scritchnscrub

    Kent, Shavemac, Savile Row, Vulfix, Simpson, Plisson.... What's your weapon of choice now??

    I have sold off all of my badger brushes except for an original release New Forest, in favour of Shavemac 2-band silvertip knots. I have one Shavemac handle - a beehive. Then I have Shavemac knots in Rooney Emilion, Simpson Case and Simpson 58 handles. I also have one boar brush - a Semogue...
  12. Scritchnscrub

    FSOT SOLD: Synthetics and Semogue Boar

    Sold. Thanks B&B.
  13. Scritchnscrub

    FSOT SOLD: Synthetics and Semogue Boar

    All brushes were purchased new by me. The synths have been used less than a dozen times each. The Semogue has been used about 6 times – part of the label is rubbed off – it arrived this way. $68 value new: Semogue 830 Boar - $23.99 new at Italian Barber RazoRock BC Silvertip Plissoft Synth -...
  14. Scritchnscrub

    Is Proraso (CO Bigelow) overrated? Am I the only one?

    If anything I consider it underrated. The best value around as far as I’ve discovered.
  15. Scritchnscrub

    Simpson 50 series brushes

    Respectfully, what "bad" comments are there in this thread?
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