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    Olivina Bourban and Cedar

    I know this is an old review, but I just bought this, as my grocery has been having supply problems with Kiss My Face, and this was the only non-brushless cream in the store. Don't quite know where I am with the cream yet, but the tube is foil-sealed under the cap!!! Cream seems a little...
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    Best Soaps For Menthol Fans

    The Valobra soft soap is tops.
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    Williams Soap, is it me or what?

    I guess I'm going back to my roots. I find myself using and liking Williams about four days a week. I have Tabac, Harris,Valobra, MWF, and I keep grabbing the mug of Williams. No additives-- just lather and go.
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    National Service for UK Youth!

    National Service is not required in the US, but I've heard rumblings of a resurgence linked to some sort of education relief. I can tell you from experience with undergrads that options like the Peace Corp and Teach for America are becoming very popular, even without financial incentive.
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    Boot Camp

    Do they still make people with glasses wear the Clark Kent's?
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    US automaker bailout poll

    Today on Meet the Press, James Baker was suggesting some radical stuff The suggestion is along the lines of "Let's get the new guy in right now and have him start fixing things".
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    US automaker bailout poll

    Nor am I, but I do think that an awful lot of heavy hitting economists should be trying to figure this out for the government. Getting it wrong is pretty bad both ways-- a waste of big money if we go for an unnecessary bailout that we didn't need (for any reason-whether we could live with a Big...
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    winter lavender

    Agua Lavanda Puig is a nice dry Lavender.
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    I've always liked Calphalon since getting a set as an engagement gift many moons ago. I've always avoided nonstick cookware, but I picked up a pair of nonstick Calphalon omelet pans a few weeks ago, and love them. The easy cleanup seems worth the added attention you need to use when cooking.
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    First Str8...What now?

    Looks pretty clean already. If you try and polish it, you should avoid the gold wash, or it might well come off. I'd just send it to a honemeister, get yourself a strop, and start shaving.
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    Recommendations for Classical Music

    Sometimes, you find a place in your heart for a particular orchestra. The Cleveland Symphony will always be important to me, and I'll make the effort to track down their recordings if given a choice.
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    US automaker bailout poll

    But it wouldn't surprise me if the Union Busters in Congress were the ones making the most noise against any bailout these days. To bring this back to the current situation, it seems like people from most viewpoints are converging on a managed fast-track bankruptcy with some sort of...
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    Good all around scent??

    I modestly applied Sienna EDT at 6:30 this AM, and its still going strong. I think this is an individual thing. I like Sienna a lot.
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    US automaker bailout poll

    Domestic heavy manufacturing influences many things-- the job market is only one of them. The ability to mobilize an effective war machine is another. Do we just want to flush the toilet on heavy industry?? Indeed, if the gov't doesn't come through, what will the REAL scenario be (as opposed...
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    US automaker bailout poll

    I think this is probably true in isolation, but I'm not sure if that's the wisest course right now in the current situation. We're on the edge of a huge recession, unemployment is high, and the credit market is crippled. Somebody needs to take a step back and figure out how a big 3 bankruptcy...
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