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    Alpha/Executive Shaving Outlaw or Tatara Nodachi?

    Did you get the Outlaws already? If so how are you finding those? I have Nodachi and I like it a lot.
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    Hello. Headshaver checking in.

    I would recommend Parker Variant for head shaves. Smooth, safe and efficient.
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    What's Your Brush Today?

    Muhle Silvertip fibre, small but great
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    Which Russian made blade is the best?

    Polsilver SI Astra SP
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    Why all the hate for shave foam?

    I dont miss foams at all. I dont hate foams..I used them like 20 years but there is no going back to foams anymore from my side.
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    What makes the Rockwell 6S such a great shaver?

    It is already said many times above but yes every blade seems to work in Rockwell. It is one of the best razors one can buy.
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    FS Timeless and Karve bundle

    Thank you :)
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    FS Timeless and Karve bundle

    am offering these two razors together in order to keep postage costs per razor low. I am ready to ship EU/UK. Razors: 1) Timeless 0.95 oc polished 2) Karve with D plate polished. Handle 9 cm. Razors are used of course and they have minor usage marks. No boxes. Price for these two premium...
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    FS Karve polished ss with D plate

    It is 9 cm
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    Top 3 Most Efficient and Smooth DE Razors ?

    All three Timeless 0.95 stainless models
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    FS Karve polished ss with D plate

    This the polished version with sb D plate. No box. Plate has some signs of use and a tiny mark on top cap. So tiny that does not really appear on photos. I am asking 140 eur delivered to EU/UK. Thanks for looking!
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    Ranking: The top 5 best shaving safety razors.

    1. Rockwell 6S 2. Parker Variant / Merkur Progress 3. Muhle Rocca 4. Razorock 0.84 Gamechanger 5. Karve D
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    FS Karve ss polished (Europe)

    I will add this Muhle syntheric brush free as a complimentary add on.
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    FS Karve ss polished (Europe)

    Hello, I have given this razor a fair chance but I just can't make it work. It just does not suit my way of shaving somehow. This is the polished version with D sb plate.Handle is 3.5. No box. The plate has some visible imperfections and cap has tiny tiny scratch ( I assume earlier owner has...
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