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Recent content by Sam Spade

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    REVIEW: My Yaqi synthetic brush addiction continues...

    How would you assess the backbone of this brush? Mode than the Yaqi- Tuxedos?
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    REVIEW: My Yaqi synthetic brush addiction continues...

    The third brush (with the Tundra soap) is the Plisson brush? Could you give me the link?
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    First Razorock Soaps

    I love the Razorock Stallion. And i want now more soaps from Razorock. Which soap is more perfumed? Mudder Focker or Emperor?
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    Looking for sandalwood soaps

    A good soap is the Mühle Sandelholz (Sandalwood). Very nice scent and it's very easy to get wonderful lather.
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    Tabc Original Cream disappointment

    DM, Rossmann, Karstadt, Kaufhof, Douglas, Pieper
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    Favorite floral soap

    I love Mühle Sanddorn.