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    Gave the fusion a try today after 3 months off

    I can't go ATG on my neck with anything, or my lip for that matter. XTG is the best I can manage with an M3 or DE. Too much irritation, especially on my neck ATG.
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    Best Cover Song is...?

    Metallica's cover of BOC's "Astronomy"
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    Is the idea of DE shaving better than the actual act?

    I get comparable results with both. My trusty M3 is used on days I'm in a hurry and gives a perfectly acceptable shave. On days I'm not in a hurry, it's my 40's style superspeed with a wal-mart personna blade. Both give results close to one another. The latter is much cheaper though.
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    Best $1 spent on shaving supplies

    +1. I love this stuff
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    What were your favourite toys as a child?

    I don't recall the crystal radio, but he had a plastic insert that came out of his arm. It resembled a circuit board of some sort.
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    What were your favourite toys as a child?

    I had a Six Million Dollar Man action figure, complete with a look through eye, power lifting arm that would lift when you pushed a button on his back, and his rocket capsule. I also loved Matchbox/ Hot Wheels cars and G.I. Joe stuff. I also still have my Crossman model 760 air rifle. The kind...
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    New Lawnmower

    Hi guys. This is a shaver of a different sort. The mower in the foreground is a new Honda HRX 217. I just picked it up. The mower in the background is a 26 year old Honda HR 214. It still runs great and starts on the first pull. It's starting to smoke a lot and needs new wheels. She's destined...
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    Love the Packers! This game has me worried though... Big Ben always seems to find a way to win the big ones. We need to pressure him so he can't extend the play. That being said, The Pack has gobs of speed, especially in a dome. It should be a great game! Man I can't wait!! Aaron
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    Go pack go!

    I live in GB, and couldn't be happier! I'm looking forward to a possible GB/CHI NFC championship game. First the Falcons though. Can't wait for Saturday! Aaron
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    Best Adjustable?

    I have a problem with my neck hair also. It grows SN so close to my neck, an adjustable was no help. I just deal with the results I get. The rest of my face is good though. Aaron
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    barefoot on a treadmill

    I've tried running barefoot on a treadmill. It was different,because you land more on the balls of your feet than on your heels. That said, it wasn't too bad. My calves hurt pretty bad for about 4 days afterwards though. Aaron
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    Favorite Sandwich?

    Gotta agree with the Reuben. I love em, but don't eat them nearly enough. Aaron
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    I have a Panasonic plasma and love it. I feel plasma gives the superior picture. People worry about image retention, but it is not as serious a problem as it once was. Just be mindful of your viewing material. If a program is broadcast in 4:3, I always expand the picture to fill the screen...
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    HDMI - To Monster or Not To Monster

    +1 on the monoprice cables. I've ordered a handful of HDMI cables and a wii component cable. For the price, you can't go wrong. No frills cabling at a no frills price. Aaron
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    Word Association Thread