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  1. Running With Scissors

    First post but not so newbie.

    I have a Fendrihan, that's kind of like a blade on a handle. It's all stainless steel, PVD coated head, the cap torques the blade a lot, so it doesn't chatter, it's a lot of blade exposure, and a big gap, (I never measured it), I enjoy shaving with it, but, I really have to pay attention, it's...
  2. Running With Scissors

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome Edinburgh!
  3. Running With Scissors

    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Preshave: a hot shower Soap: Taconic Urban Woods Brush: Omega 10083 boar bristle Bowl: Fine lather bowl Blade: half an Astra SP (new) Razor: Facon Kamisori style shavette Aftershave: No.63 balm Rating: 9.7/10 My first shave with a new $10 dollar shavette that uses 1/2 DE blade. ..I'm thinking...
  4. Running With Scissors

    Question on Proraso Wood and Spice

    Thanks for the replies, guys, I'm thinking I got an old tube. I'm going to use it, it's not an unpleasant menthol, just not what I expected. As far as the lather, cushion, slickness, and how it feels on my face, it's very good stuff, just no "wood" scent to speak of at all .
  5. Running With Scissors

    Question on Proraso Wood and Spice

    I just got a 9.5 oz. tube of Proraso Single Blade Wood and Spice cream. Just finished shaving with it. I'ts good shave cream..but....the scent from the tube I got can only be described as menthol, with a possible light hint of wood. I't a good menthol scent, but, I would not have bought it if I...
  6. Running With Scissors

    DE Daily Shavers, What Is Your Weapon of Choice?

    I use my Fatip OC with a Grande handle more than my other razors, and while I like to switch often to a different razor, if I had to use that every day, it would fit the bill, and I'd get a good shave every day.
  7. Running With Scissors


    Welcome Paul!
  8. Running With Scissors

    Post Shave Routine - I'm Confused

    Most days my after shave routine is pretty much the same, rinse my face, dry it, and apply Nivea Sensitive Balm, or Nivea Cooling Sensitive Balm, then...done.
  9. Running With Scissors

    What products do you tend to hoard?

    I'm not a hoarder, except for one shaving item..Nacet blades. I have a few hundred now, but, what if the world is coming to an end, and I can't get any more, and I'm stuck having only enough for the rest of my life, ..you can never be too careful with such important matters! Oh, one other...
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    I spent a long time, when I was young, as a foreman in a meat packing plant, What I know about bleach and metals is only from that experience. Our knives all had plastic handles, like nylon, and were made of good quality high carbon stainless steel, shiny and very durable. We were supposed to...
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