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  1. Ru4scuba?

    What's your workout today?

    10 sets of: 20 push-ups 12 30lb biceps curls 20 sit-ups 12 30 lb chest flys
  2. Ru4scuba?

    Kevdogg's inspirational Weight Loss thread

    When you're feeling down bro, or want to head into Krispy Kreme etc while out, hit some of us up on the board who have been watching your fight,..we'd be happy to try and talk you away from the counter. This is a lifelong struggle dude that is going to have minor setbacks...that is all this...
  3. Ru4scuba?

    Offensive native american mascots

    Well spoken brother...well spoken
  4. Ru4scuba?

    Towel Waving at Baseball Games

    During the 2012 NLDS in Game 4, I was waving mine like a crazy idiot...then Werth hit his walk off homer to keep the Nats alive and push it into Game 5...maybe there was a connection, just sayin'
  5. Ru4scuba?

    Kevdogg's inspirational Weight Loss thread

    Hey buddy...haven't heard from you in awhile...come up online and let us know how you're doing!
  6. Ru4scuba?

    Any Runners in the House?

    Best of luck. Ran the Army 10 miler and the AF/Navy half this fall...this weekend I'll cheer the wife on in the Marine Corps Marathon but after that I'm done with organized races for the year...contemplating another full next Spring but we'll see...
  7. Ru4scuba?

    The New York Mets

    Damn...Mets are on fire! Best of luck to them in the Series!
  8. Ru4scuba?

    What's your workout today?

    5 miler on the treadmill
  9. Ru4scuba?

    Any Pac-12 football fans in the house?

    At this point...just hoping USC beats ND...the one college game I try to watch every year. Figure out the coach after that!
  10. Ru4scuba?

    What's your workout today?

    4.5 miler
  11. Ru4scuba?

    First Hat Trick!

    Well done! And don't assume no one cares just because it's a relatively anonymous shaving related board...a lot of the gents on here can appreciate the struggle and eventual triumph of getting something you strived for...congrats!
  12. Ru4scuba?

    Time for my Nationals to oust Papelbon

    I agree with you Bob...he's just the icing on the cake, but the icing tasted like crap
  13. Ru4scuba?

    Watch Ya Wearing

    You can rapidly adjust the hour hand (independent of the 24hr hand) back and forth to show different time zones. In this case, the picture was taken in Korea...so the hour hand shows local time and the 24hr hand shows GMT (in this case, EST)
  14. Ru4scuba?

    What's your workout today?

    10 rounds, push-ups, biceps curls, sit-ups, burpees
  15. Ru4scuba?

    Time for my Nationals to oust Papelbon

    That dude grabbing Harper's throat is over the top ridiculous for a recently acquired closer. Harper is the best thing we have going...if there isn't stiff action taken (over the already handed down suspension)...it will have a long term impact on Harper's morale in my opinion.
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