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  1. rtaylor61

    bio-metric hand gun safe

    I have a Stack-On "safe" that isn't. If I forget to change the battery, my bent paperclip is a as good as a key.
  2. rtaylor61

    The SCORE! Post your acquisitions here

    Not a bad day. Kimber 1911 chambered in .45 ACP. 100 rounds of .22LR, 20 rounds Fiocchi 12 gauge, and 1,000 pellets. Next week I'm getting a slingshot and headed to the gravel pit. I understand they have unlimited supplies of ammo...
  3. rtaylor61

    Colorado got its first In-N-Out locations, and the lines are 14 hours long! Say What???

    Let them line up. Means less wait at the Sonic.
  4. rtaylor61

    Springfield Ronin Operator

    This and a Marlin 30-30 would complete my required weapons list. Then I can start on my Henry collection.
  5. rtaylor61

    What is your EDC knife?

    The Buck 373 Trio has become my EDC. I think there is a reason our grandfathers and fathers carried these types of knives. There's not much it won't or can't do. Takes up very little space in the pocket. Holds an edge. I carried an Old Timer version of this knife for almost 40 years. Love my...
  6. rtaylor61

    What is your EDC knife?

    This was a late Christmas gift. A Harnds Warrior, and it is a beast. Think Buck 110, Old Timer 7OT or Uncle Henry Papa Bear. It is heavy! A flipper, it is a liner lock. Built like a tank, a few passes on the Norton India and it's ready for the hip. Anyone else familiar with Harnds?
  7. rtaylor61

    Rossi RS 22LR

    Never made it to the range. Added optics in January and picked up the bolt action model. Named.them "The Plinkertons." Unfortunately, I was struck with Covid in February, spent a month + in the ICU and in a coma. Overall, I spent 5 months and a day in the hospital. Now home and.partially...
  8. rtaylor61

    Dash Cams

    Thanks for all of your replies.
  9. rtaylor61

    Rossi RS 22LR

    They are under the tree. Check out video reviews on YouTube. Excited to go shooting, but may be a few weeks.
  10. rtaylor61

    Rossi RS 22LR

    The gun is sold as a Rossi, but it is just a re-badged Mossberg.
  11. rtaylor61

    True pocket carry.

    I carry a S&W .38 special. Model 638 with a shrouded hammer. It rests in a Mika Pocket holster. Looks similar to this rig.
  12. rtaylor61

    Your .22 Rimfire

    Adding this to my list. Ruger 10/22 Takedown with Magpul stock.
  13. rtaylor61

    Rossi RS 22LR

    Picked up a pair of these for $89 each. Mossberg Plinkster guys. Now waiting on the Mossberg 25 rd magazine.
  14. rtaylor61

    Dash Cams

    Got one that you love? Hate? What brand? What do you like/dislike? Looking for a late Christmas present!
  15. rtaylor61

    Digital Food Scales

    I had an OXO. Just not wanting to spend that much coin this time.
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