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    Status of L’Occitane Cade Cream?

    I haven´t been on wetshaving for long, but I remember using the "Rich" cream on a tub, and the performance was better that the tube. Then it disappeared from the stores. Recently I bought online a tube of cream and I recieved one of the old package stock, so I haven´t tried the ones with the new...
  2. rreynoso

    Alternative to the R41

    Muhle Rocca... for me it´s the efficiency of the R41 and the smoothness of the R89... plus it´s SS Cheers
  3. rreynoso

    Vintage Gold Tone blades

    Never tried them but they look great 😂😂 There's an old thread about them Gold-Tone Razor Blades - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/gold-tone-razor-blades.499141/ but apparently no one used them. My guess is that they're carbon because if they were SS there's no need for the gold...
  4. rreynoso

    The correct blades? Valet Autostrop and GEM

    Basically yes, there´s the Carbon Steel blades, the Stainless Steel & the PTFE SS covered, you might find some Treet & PAL blades but both are made by ASR, the same that makes the GEM Tryablade has a sampler package to test all the main choices All Single Edge Razor Blades - TryABlade.com -...
  5. rreynoso

    The correct blades? Valet Autostrop and GEM

    Like @Ladit said, and I might add that the #8 & #9 had the handles switched... And just for the fun, you might put a spine on a FHS-10 but it doesn´t fit the GEM razors.... :biggrin1: :biggrin1: I tried :biggrin1::biggrin1: Cheers
  6. rreynoso

    Where is the Tallow?!

    When I use "fad" I mean people that think they´re Vegan but they really aren't. They just consume based on the big marketing labels and don´t read the ingredients at detail... Cheers
  7. rreynoso

    Where is the Tallow?!

    I confer that the last word must be spoken after the testing of the soap, but still there´s the case that even if the new formula performs well, the base of us who used the tallow formula might find it "inferior" because the lather might not has the same cushion, the same slickness, in sum, it...
  8. rreynoso

    Where is the Tallow?!

    Sad to hear that, and they mocked the purchases during the last Tabac shortage... well, I got a tub, two refills & a travel stick... Cheers
  9. rreynoso

    you ever feel guilty with all the gear you have? razors, blades etc etc

    Never feel guilty for anything I owned, or spent on in my life. It all came from the fruits of my labor and even if it made me happy for a split second, I think I deserve it. And the only regret I have in my life is having sold my Red 65 Ford Mustang :biggrin1::biggrin1:... Cheers
  10. rreynoso

    No Timeless SE razor :(

    Occam´s or OREN Razor it´s another mild but efficient razor that uses AC blades, Stainless steel, adjustable, starts at $49.00... what not to like... https://www.classicshaving.com/collections/occams-razor Cheers
  11. rreynoso

    [EU] Closest thing to the Razorock "Game Changer .68" but ever so slightly more affordable?

    Oh, I am sorry but I can't see the taxes since my user is country based and VAT doesn't apply. Same with the S&H, can't see how much is.... Cheers
  12. rreynoso

    [EU] Closest thing to the Razorock "Game Changer .68" but ever so slightly more affordable?

    The RR GC .68 is at 70€ at Gifts&Care store... 10% off if you use the code G&C They are EU based so maybe the S&H is free https://www.giftsandcare.com/en/razorock-safety-razor/8391-razorock-game-changer-068-closed-comb-hd-safety-razor.html Cheers
  13. rreynoso

    The Double Edge Shaving Apocalypse of 1970

    Same as with DVD´s vs VHS, I think it was profit, for Gillette and others. Here in my country I remember the DE´s started to disappear in the 80s and the main seller was the local version of the "Good News" razor, called "Prestobarba". I remember that it was common on many households to buy a...
  14. rreynoso

    What razor do you choose when you absolutely positively can't afford getting a cut?

    Gillette Trac II Henson Al13 Occam´s Razor & Feather Proguard Gillette Tech Cheers
  15. rreynoso

    Razor Suggestion

    Why not the Muhle Rocca? Stainless steel, stands between the R41 & the R89 and the V4 is CNC machined. And can be found for under $100... Cheers
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