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    I need a container for Haslinger pucks

    I found that after a few shaves, the pucks were pliable enough to mould into a decent size container. 2 are ideal as the pucks are small..........but long lasting.
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    Arko - Stinks!!!

    If ,like me, you've been seduced into a stick of Arko, but hate the scent, do this. Grate or press it into the bottom of an empty container. Then add another layer or two of a soap you like, perhaps a puck that's nearly finished. I used two pucks of Hasl8nger. The Arko scent almost vanishes...
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    Excess Lather

    Those who have loads of lather left, probably have soft water. Just load for less time. I've hard water and even with chubby 3, have enough for 2 or 3 passes. I then squeeze the brush and use this on my face, using fingers to feel what stubble is left. No lather left.
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    Do handles make a difference?

    I've 2 razors, ATT r1 with bamhoo handle, Rocca with black handle. Don't know why, but decided to swap handles. Today, I used the wonderful ATT . Usual smooth comfortable shave, however, it seemed to be abetter shave. There was more audible feedback which certainly helped to highlight any bits...
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    Face Lather, or Bowl?

    I've tried bowl from time to time using a Fine Accoutrements bowl. However, I find it takes ages compared with face lathering. I love the feel of lathering on my face, and know that when it feels silky smooth and velvety, it is ready and will give me a really good shave. The bowl is used to...
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    OMG! Strong and Scottish!

    The puck of my hard soap hardly seems to go down, and this using a chubby 3. Has anyone used the soap continuously. I'd say it's as long lived as the legendary MdC. The pastes,,like most creams and soft soaps seemed to last quite a bit less.
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    OMG! Strong and Scottish!

    English shaving company has 15% off just now.
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    OMG! Strong and Scottish!

    Meant to say, the scents are described as 'flavours in some cases. They do taste nice if you ever get any in your mouth when lathering!
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    OMG! Strong and Scottish!

    English shaving company ships to USA for a modest fee. I love these soaps and have used Strong and Scottish this week. Yes, more like a peat fire than whiskey. These pucks last for ever! I face lather and this method of lathering never fails to make a lovely, creamy lather. Badger brush...
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    All the chubbies! Couldnt decided so I got all three

    I've the chubby3 but find it makes the right amount of lather. Try loading for less time.. So you bought some expensive brushes but can't afford the soap for them! HA!!!
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    Soap from accompanying tin to Shave Bowl?

    I think taking a small piece of hard soap and try to lather would be difficult. SV suggest blooming the soap. Here's what works fantastic for me with any hard soap, badger brush. Soak the brush for a few minutes and cover the soap with a thin layer of water. Squeeze the brush quite hard then...
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    Do you clean the wax off new blades?

    Exactly! The things shavers worry about. LOL
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    ATT Windsor (Wow)

    I've the r1 ATT and it is a really good razor. Worth taking time to perfect your shaving skill with it. Trouble is new razor makers appear and the older makers get forgotten about. However, old things come around again, and I do see more posts on ATT lately. Owners are just quietly shaving and...
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    How do you build your lather with a cream?

    I put a small amount on the container lid and mash it with a damp brush. I then use the loaded brush to face lather.
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    Looking for specific scented soaps...

    Yes ice menthol. Strong and cold on your face. I'd also try Indian flavour. Described as lemongrass and mint. Veering towards mint it has a nice tingling on your face. I've only tried one Fitjar and can't remember the scent. However, they all seem similar. It was a soap, but didn't last long...