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    Feather blades

    Yes, maybe it's me that has changed, better at shaving!
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    Feather blades

    In the past, I have tried these blades in medium aggressive razors and hated them. Uncomfortable, irrition . I recently bought ATT M1 which has a very small blade gap, I suspect is close to a Feather razor. I recently added some feather blades to a soap order I had a very comfortable and close...
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    Which Soap Makers Consistently Put Out the Best Scents

    Meißner . Exciting and distinctive.
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    Any soaps you won't buy again?

    I've hard water but had no problems with MWF. I found the only problem was the boring scent and kept saying to myself...if only they'd make a rose or lavender scent, it would be perfect!
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    Any soaps you won't buy again?

    Vitos, Arko, Palmolive. These cheap soaps have their fans, but once you try something better......
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    Using a soap block?

    I bought block of vitos as i liked the idea of an endless soap supply. It was very easy to break the hl9ck up and put some in an empty shave soap bowl. All the blocks seem to be like that. However, I didn't like the soap much, but, they are cheap enough and if you like them like others do...
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    Poor sense of smell!

    I have a poor sense of smell and over the years have tried various scented soaps and cream which shavers rave about. However, they are list on me. Nowadays, I buy soaps and creams purely on how they perform and to be honest, seems I might as well stick to the same ones. Am I lucky or unlucky...
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    ATT m1

    I love ATT razors and have the mild r1, m2 and recently the very mild m1. I shave every day and think this is why I find the m1 gives a very close shave with only 2 passes plus touch up. Listen for feedback and you will know the angle is right and you will get a very close. I've been using m1...
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    Edwin Jagger soaps

    I've seen very little mentioned of these soaps so bought a puck of Pomegranate and lime. Small at 65g but very hard soap so should be long lasting. Loaded and face lathered very easily, lovely and creamy and Shave was excellent, comfortable and close. I've a poor sense of smell, but easily...
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    Way too much soap

    If you buy creams these last less time than soaps. I've a poor sense of smell so am not tempted by the latest scent.
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    Badger brushes.......I’m now 100% a Synthetic guy

    I've got a Mùhle travel brush and was amazed at how soft and easy it was to make a lather. This after using a chubby 3.! It's a small knot, and I wonder if you can recommend a larger Mùhle or EJ.
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    What do you value most with a shave?

    The feeling of luxurious lather, face lathering with a quality soft brush. One of life's great pleasure.
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    help pick my next soap

    Ì think very highly of Meißner soaps and their softer pastes. They have some very exciting scents which do not vanish, but linger after the shave.
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    Talk Me Out of A Chubby 2 Synthetic!

    I've a Chubby3 badger and load enough for 4 passes, with ease! And far less than a minute.
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    High-end mild razor

    ATT, R1 OR M2 plates. Mild, comfortable and close shaves. Perfect blade alignment.