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    Wolfman order changes?

    I have a wolfman with the “basic” polish. I have a hard time believing the mirror polish could be that much better? The basic polish is great.
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    Occams -Hiram Commander - problems or not.

    I tried both razors once and have not gone back to try them again.
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    Classic Shaving Enoch AC Razor Experience

    Mine came today with extra items as well. I’ll be curious to see how this shaves compared to my Asylum Rx (which I haven’t reached for in awhile). They look very similar. I actually had forgotten about this razor until the ship notice. I think I ordered it in July?
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    Easiest Soap to Lather?

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    Razor rotation. Which razors have you used the last 5 shaves?

    Merkur 37c Rex Ambassador (3 setting) GC 0.84 GC 0.84 Timeless 0.95 scalloped
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    Considering the ATT SE1 vs the Blackland Vector...

    Vector > General >> SE2 Don’t have an SE1
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    Fatip Piccolo (or any fatip OC) vs Merkur 37C?

    These are both great and they give great shaves. I find the 37c to be an easy razor to shave with. The fatip is a bit more efficient but it’s not aggressive to me and I tend to find most OCs don’t agree with my face. Both are keepers.
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    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    The 37c is another razor I reach for when I want an easy, close shave. For me the Timeless AL offers a very similar experience with a touch more efficiency. I use no pressure and have had nothing but great shaves with it. It’s not aggressive for me. My Asylum RX on the other hand is what I would...
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    Timeless Aluminum Razor Set

    I have been shaving with the Timeless aluminum everyday since last Thursday. For me it delivers an easy, smooth 2 pass BBS shave with no worries. The fact I’m still using it tells me how good it is. I buy all kinds if razors and tend to rotate. It’s a much easier shave than the .78 bronze. I...
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    WTB Long handle for fatip Piccolo

    I bought a TiBam titanium handle on eBay for my Piccolo and it works great. Around $60-$70 from Russia.
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    SS white sage and lime
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    What is your favorite shave stick?

    Speick Wish the A/S had more staying power though. Wonderful scent!
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    Sudsy Soapery question

    In eagerly awaiting the rain release. I had drifted away from SS for no reason other than I have a lot of soaps I rotate them. White sage and lime is tops for me and the A/S is one of the best both in scent and post shave feel.
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    FS Sixteen (16) razors: Modern & Vintage

    I’ll take the Blackbird off of your hands. Sent you a PM.
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    FS Polished Blackland Vector w/ Stand

    I’ll take it. PM sent