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  1. RookieGuy

    A Bakker's Dozen

    I've found the codgers are easy. Not a lot to think about, won't bite much when pushed, very forgiving of packing "errors", and easy on the wallet. Nothing not to love.
  2. RookieGuy

    So you talked me into it

    In order to protect my eye, I went with my recently added Savinelli tonight. I'm not ready for tomorrow (Monday) and wanted to put it off as long as possible. So a big bowled chunk of briar to put off the dead of looming doom by enjoying an old favorite. Haunted Bookshop just felt right tonight.
  3. RookieGuy

    Ageing without hoarding

    An early happy birthday! That's a fine looking flake you've rubbed out. And a nice looking bulldog. I see a match made in heaven. I like the rustification on that shank. That should feel pretty good in the hand.
  4. RookieGuy

    A Bakker's Dozen

    I smoke more of those smooth easy bowls than anything else.
  5. RookieGuy

    Snuff Of The Day (SOTD)

    Toque Lavender and a little bit of McChrystal Wee Dram. I find I really like the floral scents, even if they do get a little perfume-ish at times.
  6. RookieGuy

    Staying warm

    Once upon a time, it was a good drink of dark liquor. A good slug or two of brandy or whiskey was good against the night's chill. Now, it's basement banishment. Door cracked open with a small fan blowing out. But that's been cigars (which Mrs. Rookie does not like) and cigarettes (which she...
  7. RookieGuy

    A Bakker's Dozen

    C&D is very much a love-or-hate brand. And that goes further into the blends themselves. The Haunted Bookshop I really like, but it does taste and smell a bit musty. Like grandma's attic that nobody has been in for 25 years. Not in a bad way (for me), but it's there. Otherwise, it's a good...
  8. RookieGuy

    Rookie Gets a Barber Razor

    Oh wow! It has been a minute since I've been here! I blame work. In the past 2 weeks, we have picked up significantly. My usual 9.5 hour days have gone to 11 and I'm getting home getting wiped out and beat up. Plus it's the time of the year when family responsibilities increase 10 fold. Yeah...
  9. RookieGuy

    So you talked me into it

    I'd smoke pipes more often if I could! Partially because I would like to have that many free hours in a day. Partially because I wasn't paying attention last night to the fact that my new Canadian is a good inch longer than my other pipe and I poked myself with it. But mostly because I enjoy the...
  10. RookieGuy

    Post a photo of you having a smoke...

    They're working out very well! I'm coming around to the filters, I'll know more about them this weekend when I try cleaning them. But they smoke wonderfully and look and feel beautiful.
  11. RookieGuy

    In stock tobacco thread

    This is a horrible thread! I'm trying to be good and enjoy what I have. Why do I keep coming back? Oh yeah, to find a Lakeland.
  12. RookieGuy

    Pipe Of The Day (POTD)

    My last PS LTF until July mixed with Sutliff Victoria in a Brigham bent Dublin.
  13. RookieGuy

    So you talked me into it

    You know, I've really grown in my tobacco usage lately. They're slowly getting regulated on how I use them. Or, rather, I'm beginning to see how they all fit into my lifestyle. I have enjoyed cigars in the past, but I (me personally) find cigars to be a social thing. I've never enjoyed a cigar...
  14. RookieGuy

    Post a photo of you having a smoke...

    I promise there's a smile in there! And why wouldn't there be? That's a flake of PS LTF and a pinch of Sutliff Victoria in a still new Brigham bent Dublin on a quiet evening.
  15. RookieGuy

    2020 Corn Cob Pipe Modification Contest

    Preach on, Brother Seabee!
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