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Recent content by Romo

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    RazoRock Hawk and 39 blades

    I would like to purchase.
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    PIF - Blade Bank

    I am in. What at a beautiful gift.
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    Plissoft Monster PIF

    I am in. thanks for the generous gift.
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    The Body Shop Maca Root shave cream

    My family loves this stuff. Both of my daughters and their husbands us it. The only problem is, I'm their supplier. romo
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    Mother Earth News - March 1972

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. Romo
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    Group Buy Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS) "Bergamotto Neroli" 125g Shave soap

    Just wanted to let everyone know that mine arrived today. YIPPEE! i may try it tonight. Thanks once again Jon, Romo
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    Group Buy Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS) "Bergamotto Neroli" 125g Shave soap

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work. I'm sure, very few have any idea how much work you have done, including myself. Let me know if I can ever help you out. Romo
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    My turn. Straight razor PIF

    Beautiful razor. Count me in.
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    It's a Boy!- Free NOS Straight Razor

    Congratulation on the big day! It's the greatest time in your life. Please take the time to enjoy them. They are precious. I would love to be included in the PIF. Count me please. i have two daughters and two grandchildren. The last one was a baby boy. Six months old and the light of my life...
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    A three dollar pipe and a restoration

    Is the everclear the kind that you buy at the liqueur store or something else that I'm unaware of. By the way, what a beautiful job. I'm very envious. Thanks, Romo
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    Group Buy Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS) "Bergamotto Neroli" 125g Shave soap

    Money sent. Thanks again. Romo
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    Group Buy Tcheon Fung Sing (TFS) "Bergamotto Neroli" 125g Shave soap

    I would like one also. My first group buy! Romo
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    Big Brush PIF!

    I'm in please. i love big brushes.
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    A PIF, just because I likes ya

    B&B ROCKS DIRTY JOKE II A white horse fell in a mud puddle. I know, old child's joke.
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    Lowest post count

    I would like to have it. Romo
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