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Recent content by Rodrigoqui

  1. Rodrigoqui

    Question about comparing WR2 and Timeless

    Thanks for the replies! To me is a little more complicated as I live in Brazil and shipping things from here is very problematic. So BST is not a viable option and there are not many people interested in a wolf here. But I tinhk I will like whichever I choose.
  2. Rodrigoqui

    Question about comparing WR2 and Timeless

    I'm in a similar but different situation. I'm on the list for my first wolfman but I don't know what is the best option. I would like the wolfman to be as efficient as the Blackbird but as mild or more mild than the Timeless 0.95. Is there one like this? Thinking about the 1.15 and I don't know...
  3. Rodrigoqui

    your get away with murder razor ?

    The Henson AL13, Colonial Razors The silversmith or the Sabre L1 would be such razors for me. I've had the rockwell and plates 1-4 would work in this context also.
  4. Rodrigoqui

    Vector/Proline blade alignment

    I don't have any alignment issue with the Vector and Proline. Just load the blade ang go. And I have the habit of check blade alignment before every shave, that is a sequel of having some Fatips in the past. The Vector/proline combo is always spot on. If I try I can make the proline go...
  5. Rodrigoqui

    Vector or Sabre for 1st SE

    The actual angle with the Sabre is a little misleading. The handle itself is a little tilted forward making the shaving position more similar to other razors but it is inherently shallower. So it is shallow and I use it on the shallow side. But the tilted handle makes it more natural to hold. If...
  6. Rodrigoqui

    No Timeless SE razor :(

    The Vector feels completely different from the Blackbird. The bird have a lot of blade feel and makes you respect it. The vector is a lot smoother. Not ripping face feel. There just a little blade feel and it is a blade feel that is not menacing at all. But it is crazy efficient. The AC blades...
  7. Rodrigoqui

    No Timeless SE razor :(

    The Vector is the very best razor I've ever used! It is not as smooth as the Timeless 0.68 but it is in the same ball park in that regard. But it is significantly more efficient. It shaves better thant the 0.95 being as mild as the 0.68. It really is amazing. The vector is out of stock and...
  8. Rodrigoqui

    The “Winning Razor” by WSC/YPM…..

    To make it lighter it would mean do machine it more. And machine it more mean more machine time. So it would be more expensive. I believe that the objective os this razor was to be a great razor at a lower cost. I belive thet this was the tought behind the more bulk design. But it just a...
  9. Rodrigoqui

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    Still learning the way of the Sabre.
  10. Rodrigoqui

    SE SOTD- What was your tool of choice today?

    Soap: Mike's Natural Soaps Orange, Cedarwood and Black Pepper Brush: Semoggard 830 2-band SR: ATT X1 Blade: Kai Mild After Shave: Gel Pós-barba Depil Homme
  11. Rodrigoqui

    Blackland vector

    The Blackland Vector is the very best razor I have ever used! It is an amazing piece o shaving gear. I've tried MANY razor over the years. None of them is so smooth and so effective at the same time. It is not the most effective and not the smoothest. But It is super effective end super smooth...
  12. Rodrigoqui

    Feather FHS-10 on a GEM Razor?

    Thanks guys!!!!
  13. Rodrigoqui

    Feather FHS-10 on a GEM Razor?

    I know most people want to do the opposite, use a GEM blade on the OneBlade, but can the other way around be done? Can I use a Feather Feather FHS-10 on a GEM razor like a Sabre? And is this blade any good? Or it's problem is with the Oneblade razor? Are the GEM ptfe much better then the...
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