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    Straight Razor Acquisition Thread

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    Medical Prep Personna

    I have been using Personas from Ted Pella. 20 blades in an injector for my Scicks. Similar results. $5.00 for 20 blades. Also got from them single blades for my Gems and Ever Ready. Good and cheap.
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    Best way to restore schick injector razor

    Just took mine apart and can't get it back together. Any suggestions?
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    The Eversharp Schick G Type Injector Razor

    Just got this beauty in the mail. I opened the spring easily enough. Now I cannot get it to close. I don't want to cause damage. Suggestions?
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    My you guys.The Schick Injector

    I just got this in the mail, swung open the spring, and cannot close it. I do not want to damage it. Any suggestions?
  6. Member Album by Robertglass126

    Member Album by Robertglass126

  7. Eversharp


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    THE Injector Razor Thread

    Ted Pella. 20 injector blades, coated stainless, in a cartridge. All for $5.00 http://www.tedpella.com/default.aspx http://www.tedpella.com/vibratome_html/100acces.htm.aspx#_121_4
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    What's your soap for today?

    Arko. Cheap as dirt. Billows and billows of rich lather. Funky scent. Very protective, tallow based soap.
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    Enders blades

    Anyone know where I can get blades for Enders shaver made in the 1940's?
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    Hi, all. New to this group. Glad to be here.
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