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Recent content by Robert G

  1. R

    Muhle is launching a LE R41 Stainless Steel

    Funny you should notice this. I noticed the same thing not with the two razors that you referenced but with a Muhle R89 razor and the Edwin Jagger DE89. The Jagger is much looser in the the cover whereas the Muhle has a nice snug fit. I chalked it up to thicker chrome plating on the Muhle.
  2. R

    No.88 Redux

    I had to LOL at this. They actually believe they've improved the spectacular Valobra by making it far more moisturizing. I'll take the old formula please. If I feel less moisturized, it's a risk I'm willing to take. So glad I hoarded both varieties of the pre moisturized pucks several years...
  3. R

    Any Americans buy from Men's Room Barbershop?

    I've bought hundreds of Kai DE blades from them over the last 5 years. Exceptional vendor and fast shipping. I believe also they're a sponsor vendor here.
  4. R

    Fatip Il Piccolo lo Storto Testina Classica impression after the first use.

    I’ve found with Fatip as well as the R41 one needs to be careful to make sure the entire edge of the baseplate is uniformly against the skin by slightly rotating the handle as the razor passes along the contours of the skin surface and particularly when you switch to different sides of your...
  5. R

    The Desert Island

    It would have to be the Feather ASD2. Lots of time available for achieving a close shave and a low risk of acquiring an infection due to a cut while deserted and waiting for the Uber Eats.
  6. R

    Plisson Ruthenium Fatip Lottery

    Anyone notice this new beauty? The dark gray Ruthenium looks very cool. It’s a bad pic on the site but an image search for Ruthenium plated jewelry yields really beautiful items. I’m tempted but am worried about getting another quirky Fatip supplied specimen. Maybe the next time they offer a 20%...
  7. R

    Buyer Beware - Amazon

    Coming up with a good title - succinct yet informative - is to me the most important part of a new thread in terms of getting folks to click. I wasn’t misled, but was curious.
  8. R

    Muhle R89 Twist

    I love both my R89 and R41 twists. Something about the knurled twist knob just sings to me.
  9. R

    Muhle is launching a LE R41 Stainless Steel

    An all brass R41 Grande with the famous Muehle chrome plating would’ve been just as desirable as the SS model, if not even more so if priced less than $100 USD. That I would have jumped on immediately. Stainless is so overdone and boring now.
  10. R

    Muhle is launching a LE R41 Stainless Steel

    Hopefully it's a Limited Edition, but not Limited Production. You would think after investing all of the hard and soft costs to bring this to market, they would want to keep it in production to recoup their costs and be profitable.
  11. R

    Buyer Beware - Amazon

    The response from Mary is a standard auto reply. From my previous communications with Alrossa, after the standard “Mary” reply Mark Sanders, the owner personally replied to a question that I had. We then continued discussing various Simpsons models that he was considering to import, one of which...
  12. R

    What Was Your Cream Today?

    T&H Trafalgar
  13. R

    Muhle is launching a LE R41 Stainless Steel

    I like the R41. Mine's the Twist variety. This looks interesting and tempting. But I'm taking a wait and see approach as I'm not one to be an early adopter. Let's see what the reviews will be once it's out and being used.
  14. R

    Simpson Handle Question

    Stuffed indeed! Yikes
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