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  1. riverstyxxx

    Why are soaps more popular than creams here?

    I never said they were, Proraso creams are easier to lather and take less time.
  2. riverstyxxx

    Blade Cost Per Year

    Well I just got 400 blades for $18 and another 200 for $9, I shave every 3 days but only use a blade once. So 120 blades per year, roughly $5.
  3. riverstyxxx

    Which blade is the smoothest for you?? Not the closest or best blade - just the smoothest

    Rapira super stainless is the first one that comes to mind.
  4. riverstyxxx

    New Blade EVERY time?

    I use a new blade every time but I only shave every 3-4 days. My face has very coarse hair but my skin is sensitive, I prefer my blades to be optimal.
  5. riverstyxxx

    Can’t believe I’m saying it...Derby’s are ok.

    Derby's are probably the only prison-approved razor blades, normally an inmate would steal one and make it into a shank but they're so dull they can't even slice a piece of fruit.
  6. riverstyxxx

    Hubby Wants To Play

    "Hubby Wants To Play" At first this sounded like another personals ad from Katie Hill. Anyway, for a starter: The merkur 23c/180 was mine. It's light, cheap, a great entry point. Overpriced razors like the Rockwell Model T are where you don't want to be, it costs $150 for maybe $3 worth of...
  7. riverstyxxx

    caffeine in shave products

    It was a fad a while back, like five years ago. I'm surprised there's still some product left on the market.
  8. riverstyxxx

    Why is everyone removing the tallow!!!

    Palm oil is supposed to be the next thing, it's also being used as a substitute for trans fats (which has to be removed from the USA market by...next year?). The bad news is palm oil cultivation is very, very unethical. It damages complete ecosystems, among other things. That said, there are...
  9. riverstyxxx

    Gillette to release NEW DE razor for the holidays

    They already do this in Russia and India. Those gillette nacet's, silver blues and 7 o'clocks aren't made by gillette, they agreed to license their name in exchange for a cut of the profits. I assume astra will eventually be called gillette astra. Same thing in india, "gillette wilkinson sword"...
  10. riverstyxxx

    Gillette to release NEW DE razor for the holidays

    Here's my theory: Gillette is desperate for business and market share. They're losing money every quarter, the controversial ad last january is where it all started and it's been snowballing ever since. The brand name Gillette is worth $8 billion dollars less than it was last year. The problem...
  11. riverstyxxx

    Modern Gillette DE

    Not only was the market disrupted, Gillette tried to sue both Harry's and DSC out. Judge took one look at it, threw it in the trash and forbade Gillette from ever doing that again.
  12. riverstyxxx

    Modern Gillette DE

    Looks ok, I always said I would buy a safety razor if Gillette made a new one - but they've been on my blacklist since January with zero chance otherwise. Maybe the $8 billion in losses finally lit a fire under their butts and they're getting desperate.
  13. riverstyxxx

    Wife needs a new PC

    Please do not buy Lenovo. My last two laptops were Lenovo, the $700 one died last year and the other one is on it's last life. Dell is much better.
  14. riverstyxxx

    New razor from AliExpress arrived today.

    These aliexpress razors are well worth their price point. I have something like 30 razors in my collection (mostly gillette) and, like you, I still use a chinese one from aliexpress every time: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32686803445.html I like it because it's so heavy, no pressure...
  15. riverstyxxx

    ATG help needed.

    A wild pepe appears! I would look for a different blade, sounds like the one you're using has a characteristic of being unfavorable. There are certain things I look for when testing blades, I have sampled well over 50 brands and settled on a short list of only six that I consider to be above...