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Recent content by RiotGrip

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    I ordered Feather All Stainless razor

    The Feather AS-D1 is a great all around razor. It may not get that ultra close BBS like an R41, but you can shave daily and not get irritation and always come up with at least a DFS. I now have three metal safety razors: The feather, A Joris, and an R41 Grande, The feather is definitely milder...
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    Castle forbes

    I have not tried the castle forbes creme, but I've just been using Penhaligon's blenheim bouquet. I have to say that the lubricating properties of it blow TOBS, Vulfix, and Proraso out of the water. The Penhaligon's is top notch stuff, and really smells great.
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    It is aggressive, but watch the tolerances. Mine aligned naturally with one side having substantially more blade exposure than the other, and it was constant cuts. From suggestions of one board member I was able to correct this disparity by holding the blade more to one side while screwing the...
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    Possible defect in Joris Razor?

    This is a slightly better view of the issue.
  5. R

    Possible defect in Joris Razor?

    I guess my big problem is the difference in blade angle from one side to the other that can be seen on the first picture. On one side the blade lies nearly flat against the comb, but on the other it lies off the comb at "straighter" angle. I am not the most experienced wet shaver, but this...
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    Possible defect in Joris Razor?

    Hello all, I received a Joris razor as a gift and it is a great looking razor. I do have some concerns about it and the alignment of the blade when inside. It seems that one side of the blade has significantly more exposure than the other. I've contacted the vendor and they are stating...
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    Why cant women understand the shaving hobby?

    Things are obviously different today, but stubble and scruff have only recently become acceptable. Until about 2001 or 2002, you could not sport stubble in any professional environment, then Brad Pitt and some lesser Hollywood types (i.e. Peter Krause) made it socially acceptable, and...
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    Feather Stainless Versus Feather popular

    IMHO there is very little that would compare to the AS-D1 as far as all around performance and durability. I however own the feather popular and use it for air travel exclusively. It does get the job done, and I wouldn't be too upset if I lost it. The feather popular has nowhere near the feel...
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    ***Ikon OSS?***

    First off, if you are new to wet shaving -- stick with the feather for at least 3 months. I started with a feather and have been happy with it. I don't have an Ikon so i can't give you a direct comparison, but after wet shaving for a bit, I too decided that I wanted an open combed razor and...
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    Feather Popular vs. Feather AS-D1 (All Stainless)

    I have both, and they both are good shavers. But I should tell you they are the only two double edge razors I own currently. The popular is a great budget choice for someone with limited funds or not sure that they want to jump in full bore to wet shaving. I personally love the AS-D1 for...
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    Art of Shaving- Sell out?

    Regular AOS brushes are way overpriced as it is, this is for people with money and no knowledge of wet shaving, thinking they'll get their loved one a unique and high quality gift.
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    Pre-Shave Oil issue.

    Well just finished the morning shave with the same set-up, and I only used four drops of the AOS pre-shave oil. The result was SUBSTANTIALLY less stubble remnants on the razor and blade. I change blades and clean the razor every three shaves, so this won't be an issue at all. At this lower...
  13. R

    Pre-Shave Oil issue.

    Well I did use more than 4 drops, the stuff just pours out, and there were no instructions on amount to use. Are we talking medicine dropper sized drops? If so, that bottle will last a long time. I will use less in the morning and see if it makes a difference.
  14. R

    Pre-Shave Oil issue.

    So I've just gotten into wet shaving in the past three months. Things have been going well and the Feather AS-D1 with Astra SP seems to be a good combination for me. However I tried some AOS pre-shave oil from 2003, I bought it then without a true understanding of how to use it and I never...
  15. R

    The Samurai Down Under - Feather All Stainless

    I just started wetshaving in September, and started with the Feather AS. It's craftsmanship is great, and I'm getting better and better with it. It is a wonderful razor, and I do feel it is worth the money. It definitely shaves good, my only request would be a longer handle. You certainly...
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