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  1. Ridpath

    What razor/blade did you use today

    Hmm...tempted to go have a shave now - will probably be a Tradere plus a Personna!
  2. Ridpath

    The Stainless Collection

    I’ll continue shilling! :P Shane is not only like that to potential customers, he’s even like that when it comes to doing charity! Thanks to him, I’m a proud owner of a pre launch Tradere and have had the chance to enjoy shaving with it while I still can. I originally got in touch to weasel...
  3. Ridpath

    Connecting a mobile phone to wireless router

    If it’s just the one computer you want to get online, would be easier to use your phone as a WiFi hotspot/router. The computer must be able to connect to WiFi, and your phone must support data sharing via WiFi (all modern iPhone can do this), then it’s as simple as turning it on and connecting...
  4. Ridpath

    The Stainless Collection

    Do it! Like Shane said, you could always return it if you can’t get along with the razor. :)
  5. Ridpath

    Suggestions for soothing balm/aftershave.

    Thanks a lot for the advice and suggestions guys - I think I’ll give Nivea and Proraso white a shot. Was considering Lucky Tiger but I couldn’t find a source among my usual online retailers - Amazon had it at something like a 30-40% markup, so I‘ll keep that as a third option if I don’t get...
  6. Ridpath

    Suggestions for soothing balm/aftershave.

    Thanks, Richard - I’ll keep an eye out for the Nivea balm and add the Proraso aftershaves to my shopping list!
  7. Ridpath

    Suggestions for soothing balm/aftershave.

    Apologies if this has already been asked a billion before. Could someone please recommend a soothing aftershave to use in order to calm irritated skin after a shave? I don’t mind scents, but I would prefer a weakly scented aftershave or an unscented aftershave if possible. I’ve never used...
  8. Ridpath

    ASD2 - what am I doing wrong?

    I love my AS-D2, but it is very much a razor that rewards technique and patience, at least in my experience. If nothing else, you’ll have learnt the importance of technique and its impact on the quality of your shave when you’re finished, whether you decide to sell or keep the razor.
  9. Ridpath

    Did your 'grail' live up to your expectations?

    I had three grails. All lived up to expectations, and then some! Don’t think there’s anything else I want, so I’m all set for the foreseeable future...
  10. Ridpath

    Morning or Night

    Whenever it strikes my fancy! Usually it’s either in the afternoon, or at 3 in the morning...
  11. Ridpath

    Your favourite shaving youtube channel

    That’s a combination of two things : being British, and growing into a miserable old git. :p I used to use YouTube reviewers/content creators at the beginning of my shaving journey before I was familiar with discussion boards like BnB. I was aware that many would be biased and were sponsored...
  12. Ridpath

    'Cancer Bad; Shaving Good'

    Thanks for the concern, @Big Jim - Shane and Dan are right, my eyesight has deteriorated quickly and I now find reading regular sized text (such as on your phone) impossible, even with a handheld magnifier! Thank God for oversized tablets, don’t know how I’d manage without my 13in iPad. I...
  13. Ridpath

    Simpsons Chubby 2 Synthetic soon or Chubby 2 best badger later?

    I can echo what @EclipseRedRing said about Simpson’s synths and badger hair brushes. I have a Persian Jar 2 in Best and an M7 in synth, and I often reach for the synth over the best badger brush simply because it’s more of a manageable size. The best badger brush is good, but just not enough...
  14. Ridpath

    Creepy Crawlies!

    Thanks - was trying to figure out what bug that was!
  15. Ridpath

    How many of you did home economics vs. industrial arts?

    Like some here, we did both under the unifying title of “life skills”. I was the only boy in the class who knew how to cook - didnt get teased for it thankfully! We didn’t do much in the way of industrials though, the closest we came to playing with technology was using a battery powered...