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  1. Ridgeback

    Sawdust Creations Custom Handle

    Beautiful...I Love Bog Oak...So know I have to make a Bog Oak handle so I can be in the Club...lol
  2. Ridgeback

    If I love Merkur 34C, I should try a.............?

    My Timeless .68 shaved very similar to my 34c
  3. Ridgeback

    What are you unpacking/ opening today, show pics or video, we love pics

    Mammoth Tooth for a Brush handle 🥰
  4. Ridgeback

    What's Your Brush Today?

    My Silvertip Flattop
  5. Ridgeback

    Overstocking the pantry

    When you live alone and shop at Costco...Everything is an Overstock...lol
  6. Ridgeback

    Rex Supply Co Ambassador

    It is a Very nice razor that will give you a great shave...My issue with it has to do with my Large nose...It leaves a little stubble under my nose as do 5 other razors I own...That is the only negative thing I can say...The buy..sell ...trade section has a Rex for sale in it.
  7. Ridgeback

    Lather problems with artisan soaps

    I have Stirling..Noble Otter..M&M..CBL..MWF..Moon..Haslinger..A&E soaps...There has been Zero issues with Face Lathering any one of these soaps...My guess is that the Sample could have been very old.
  8. Ridgeback

    Lather problems with artisan soaps

    I purchased a sample of Zingari man and had the same issue...I tried it 3 times and had Zero lather..So I ended up tossing.
  9. Ridgeback

    Snakewood...pic heavy

    Thanks...yes...28mm Boar
  10. Ridgeback


  11. Ridgeback

    Snakewood...pic heavy

    Snakewood is such a PITA to work with, but I do Love the results...Pay no attention to the knot, I have some Nice knots on order.
  12. Ridgeback

    FS CG LV2 & Rex Ambassador

    Price drop...$175 each.
  13. Ridgeback

    What's your threshold?

    Interesting topic....I really don't have a limit on a Razor...I am on the wait list for a Wolfman...As for a brush?...I have a $havemac ...And I am working on a Brush that I will realistically have over $300+ in T&M on it...Soap is around $20....Blades I would say $35 per 100.
  14. Ridgeback

    Glue bumps are hard!

    A round burr will take care of your problems...If you booger up the bottom of the hole you can level it up with some epoxy.
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