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    Furbo Blu vintage aftershave

    I may have to get some of that Furbo Blu myself :thumbup1:
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    Anybody Use Something for Shaving that Wasn't Intended for Shaving?

    On another forum Is saw an ad for using Listerine as an aftershave. Currently I'm using a little bowl sold for holding salsa. Got it from Dollar Tree. It's got a nice textured surface that's great for generating lather.
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    What's up with the cheap DE rezors?

    I was perusing the listing on the 'bay for some new blade and I noticed a lot of razors in the $10-$15 range. I'm rockin' a Mercur 38c and loving it so I don't need another razor but hey, if I come across a good deal. I'm really just wondering if any of these inexpensive razors would be good to...
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    Can any of you use a DE without a nick or two?

    If I try to rush it I sometimes get one or three. If time is short instead of rushing, I'll do a single with the grain and be done for the day. Even that gives me a better shave than those disposable monstrosities. I use Feathers in a Merkur and let the weight of the razor do the work.
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    The new Weber Summit charcoal grill

    Add-ons, add-ons?!? For $1500, they better throw in everything they've got :glare:
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    Which Method Do You Use To Light Charcoal?

    I just got a Weber chimney this week. No more need to buy lighter fluid for me :biggrin1:
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Pinaud Clubman. First time. Me likey :thumbup1:
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    First it was the Man Cave, now it's the Temple Of Shave!

    Wife to husband : Honey, why do need seven razors, four shaving brushes, five tubs of shaving creams and soaps, three lathering bowls and what looks like about a dozen aftershaves? Reply from husband: Why do you need sixty-seven pairs of shoes? Wife: I don't get it. Husband: When's the...
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    First it was the Man Cave, now it's the Temple Of Shave!

    In my minds eye, I can see it now. A sink with plenty of space on each side of the basin. A good sized mirror with lighting from the top & sides. A holder for a few razors with storage for the others in the collection and a holder for a couple/few shaving bruhes. How about two or three shaving...
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    Massive Bloodloss Averted

    Had my first shave with a Feather DE blade today and it was great. I've read that some say they don't like them because they get nicked a lot but I only got one small nick on the neck. One of those end of the stroke where we get careless kind of a thing. The razor I have is a Merkur and I've...
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    Cheap lathering bowl

    I got those salsa/lathering bowls yesterday and put one to use this morning. Hey delislave, it works great! Thanks for the tip. I found they also come in green & red.
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    I guess they wonder why I smile, shake my head and walk away.

    Don't care, just mildly amazed at the marketing than conned so many people over the years that those disposables and multi-blade cartridges were better. I knew DE shaving was better after that first pass with the razor on my first DE shave :wink2:
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    New Guy with a "New Guy" Question.

    Pop in a new blade, lather up and find your correct angle. Ease up on the pressure too. You don't have to get every wisker on the first pass, just let the blade do the work. What kept me from using too much pressure my first time was the fear that I stood a good chance to shave off a layer of...
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    I guess they wonder why I smile, shake my head and walk away.

    PS. AND get a better shave :thumbup1:
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    I guess they wonder why I smile, shake my head and walk away.

    When I happen to be in a store and pass by the men's shaving section, I'll often look at the price a multi-pack of the latest disposable cartridges think "Man for the price of a couple of those I can get a brush, some shave soap, some aftershave and a nice sampler pack of DE blades". :001_rolle
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