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  1. rickboone1

    Stropping is part of honing

    Seems like a post just to promote an item for sale.
  2. rickboone1

    Common knowledge and honing

    Interesting statement
  3. rickboone1

    Latest and greatest material

  4. rickboone1

    BWW soaps sale

    Beaver Woodwright is changing his labels on his soap and scent strengths. He's also changing some scent ratios. So, to move stock and in time for Father's Day he put out a sale. $10/ tin. Buy 3 or more and get FREE SHIPPING. ++++ BUY 4 AND GET A 5th FREE!!!! AND FREE SHIPPING...
  5. rickboone1

    Shave-Ready Restores

    Henkels ever sell?
  6. rickboone1

    Complete Synthetic Honing kit FS (DMT's, Shapton 8K, lapping film etc)

    If this breaks up I'm interested in a few pieces.
  7. rickboone1

    Grim Razors

    Yeah I would definitely like to see it kind of stand out right there where the pivot is it just kind of ups trucks that finger groove too much for me. Not horribly and it's not like a deal breaker or anything like that but he was everything else being as good as it is that would make it even...
  8. rickboone1

    Grim Razors

    Are you talking about the edges of the scales literally being rounded almost like we do when chamffering the edges of our stones? For aesthetics it'd be cool. However I'm not sure it'd make much difference in comfort. I dont find the flat edge of the scales to be uncomfortable. I do find them...
  9. rickboone1

    Grim Razors

    Sorry. Video is uploading. I didn't get any notification of replies.....
  10. rickboone1

    Grim Razors

    I recently got one of these and really like it. I told the company what I thought. They asked if they could use my thoughts and feedback, I said sure. I was asked if I would share with others, they didn't have to ask. There's things I'd change, sure. I warned them I would be completely...
  11. rickboone1

    FS: After Shaves and Watch with NATO straps

    Sell just the alt Innsbruck?
  12. rickboone1

    WTB/WTT for Red Imp Straight Razor #132 or #133

    I have a wedge 132 I think....
  13. rickboone1

    Recommend me a top performing cream

    And if you like the mdc try wsp rustic shave soap. Just as good for a lot less.