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Recent content by Rich lathers

  1. Rich lathers

    What got You started? (Van der hagen)

    A little over a year ago i was at a discount store called Ollie's. And stumbled across a micro one touch set for 10 bucks. It came with 12 blades and a stand. I've seen it advertise on tv for 19.95. I was curious so i picked it up. I happily sheved with this using barbersol for the first 3...
  2. Rich lathers

    Gillette Nacet blades

    I am currently working on a tuck of these. I have 4 shaves in with the first blade in the tuck. So far i find that the first two shaves are ruff. The plade smothes out after the second shave. I will finish the tuck before i render judgment on them. So far im leaning towards not liking them.
  3. Rich lathers

    Razors with wide/forgiving blade angle?

    As mentioned before try riding the cap. Combine this with short strokes. Between those strokes concentrate on keeping that angle. This worked wonders for me. Just slow down and what ever you do don't confuse short strokes with choppy ones.
  4. Rich lathers

    My kids are curious

    If you have a dollar tree near you sometimes they carry cheap DE handles. I bought all four of my kids one so they have their own razor with out the blade of course. I whip up some Williams for them because its cheap. They love shaving with me on Saturday mornings.
  5. Rich lathers

    Who here has broken a razor?

    I have used the micro one touch for over a year. I have not had any trouble with it. I just recently retired it in favor of vintage. It is a very good razor. Very mild.
  6. Rich lathers

    PIF: For Cella Virgins. Who here has never tried Cella?

    Im in. I have been on the fence with this one. Thank you for your generosity.
  7. Rich lathers

    What's your soap for today?

    Chiseled Face Ghost town barber. Just an amazing soap followed up with the splash.
  8. Rich lathers

    What's your soap for today?

    Possibly or its because modern-day soaps don't use as quality of ingredients. Pick your poison
  9. Rich lathers

    What's your soap for today?

    Tonight it will be Williams. I get good lather out of it but its the only soap that i have yet to master. I get thick and slick lather but have yet to make it cushioning.
  10. Rich lathers

    Arco who loves it, who hates it. Why?

    Arko produces a good lather. Slick and cushioning. It does lack post shave feel. Also it does have a minor dring effect on my skin. But for the price you won't find a better soap. I like it better than Williams. Williams is not bad eather.
  11. Rich lathers

    Attention Fellow-Fanatics: Please Describe Your Shaving Routine

    I keep it simple. I shower, wash my face with whatever soap i have. Lately its been lever 2000 with aloe. After showering i run the hot tap until its hot. Rinse my brush, an omega boar. Give it little shake load whatever soap i decide. Face lather most of the time i do not need to add more water...
  12. Rich lathers

    What are your "must have" shaving soaps/creams the should form a part of

    Hard soap: haslinger Croap: chiseled face ghost town barber. I haven't tried creams as of yet. Very close second would be sterling
  13. Rich lathers

    Casual conversation leads to potential convert

    Three for me. Soon to be exwife uses a DE with canned foam. My mother in law and her boyfriend are my recent converts. They are totally hooked.
  14. Rich lathers


    Nice. The flare tip is a wonderful razor. I have a 56 and it delivers a very comfortable and close shave. Enjoy
  15. Rich lathers

    Well I have converted my mother-in-law.

    Thats realy nice of you. I will have to ask them first. Very kind
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