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  1. rhtoras

    Mr Bingle's 2019 Reindeer & Sleigh

    Holly cannolli(did I say this right?) New Orlean for ever...and ever... Thank you secret santa... Everything was amazing. Ogallala has something that reminds me my uncle's old spice from the 90's. I almost cried( he is not here). And the green stick smell too 00's. I absolutely love it. It...
  2. rhtoras

    PIF: The Eight Soaps of Hanukkah - 2019

    Great move... Nice of you... Happy New year...
  3. rhtoras

    Agressia Fresh shaving cream

    I just found this particular cream. Price is 1€ (around 1.2 u$d) so i might try it. I'll inform you...
  4. rhtoras

    Anyone tried the new Thayers Shaving Cream?

    Any news about this cream?
  5. rhtoras

    Mr Bingle's 2019 Reindeer & Sleigh

    I am.waiting for my present. Till then I see some of you guys have gotten your presents. Show us a picture of the boxes if you want to make them more tempting. :)
  6. rhtoras

    Mr Bingle's 2019 Reindeer & Sleigh

    Join Mr Bingle...I had great time exchanging gifts with people from all over the world. I do not even know them. I'll probably won't see them in my whole life but that's the funny part. I think I saw this thread in the cream section last year. Not this year so I had to search for it. Maybe...
  7. rhtoras

    Anyone Tried ACH Brito “Mogno”?

    The latest Lavanda cream is better than the older (with parabens or the others with silicon or triethanolamine) and has no parabens-triethanolamine or silicone.
  8. rhtoras

    Mr Bingle's 2019 Reindeer & Sleigh

    Ho ho ho welcome back Mr Bingle... Happy to see you again
  9. rhtoras

    This cream is NOT for me!

    Is it brushless?
  10. rhtoras

    Jolly shaving cream

    Interesting. The cream itself is green or white before lathering? Have you tried other Pakistani creams?
  11. rhtoras

    Anyone tried the new Thayers Shaving Cream?

    The Australian site says on the description that can be used either brushless or with a shave brush. But all in all it seems good from the ingredients and the nice packaging.
  12. rhtoras

    Are all creams the same!?

    They all use the same base in the formula, even the expensive ones. I can be sure because all Creighton's creams use Triethanolamine in the ingredients list. And their soaps use paraffinum liquidum. I have used a lot creams from Castle Forbes to ToOBS (before I realised what Triethanolamine is)...
  13. rhtoras

    Palmolive shave stick

    I have the stick from the early 2000's. I also see from then that the stick has changed packaging three times. I now bought the latest packaging, which is available the last two years. I could find this packaging (the one with the leaves next to "for men") and the shop told me it's new. They...
  14. rhtoras

    Palmolive shave stick

    Guys I told you what happened with Palmolive rumors. It's just a few post above this. There is no intention from Palmolive to stop their shave stick. At least in the near future.
  15. rhtoras

    Palmolive shave stick

    Well here's what happened with Palmolive shave stick. The stick is made in Germany and fully available in UK. Big groceries in UK buy the stick cheaper via resellers and not straight from Palmolive. So Palmolive decided to reduce the amount of the stick in UK to reduce their costs. That's why...