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  1. RhoCurly

    Shave den Zen

    Scott Joplin ragtime piano. Happy, relaxing, and nostalgic.
  2. RhoCurly

    Williams Tonsorial Shaving Soap

    I use the new on a regular basis. The method I use is to fill the mug with hot water and put my boar brush in to soak while I shower. Dump water out of the mug. Let water drain from brush, but don’t shake. Slowly swirl brush on soap in mug without pressing hard. After about a minute I build...
  3. RhoCurly

    Williams Tonsorial Shaving Soap

    Matt, what makes tonsorial different than regular vintage
  4. RhoCurly

    Razor Grind Preference over Time

    I have tried every grind from full wedge to extra full hollow. My chin beard is extremely tough and the heavy grinds are the only ones that work on that area. In short, beard type can be a determining factor.
  5. RhoCurly

    What oils can you use?

    I keep my razors in a wood box that I put a bunch of those moisture absorbing packets that come in medicine bottles. Keeps all moisture at bay.
  6. RhoCurly

    Favourite Premium Bay Rum

    Captain’s Choice is very good, traditional smelling, has face friendly ingredients, and comes in a nice brown apothecary bottle, and is a favorite of many on this forum. I always drop hints around Christmas time as I am too cheap to buy it myself. My everyday bay rum is my version of the...
  7. RhoCurly

    What's Up With Lilac Vegetal?

    I have been using Pinaud Lilac Vegetal off and on since the early 1980s when I started shaving in high school. To me it has the scent of lilac mixed with greenery. Other lilac aftershaves such as from Master or Gabel’s are pure lilac without the greenery. I personally prefer Pinaud’s version...
  8. RhoCurly

    Best sandalwood soap

    My favorite is Lather and Wood sandalwood. It is a very dry and woody sandalwood without any cologne like scent mixed in which fits my personal tastes. The lather is great as well.
  9. RhoCurly

    Your favourite soap/cream that special one that stands out for you

    Stirling Eucalyptus Mint. Fresh and cooling. Imagine Proraso green with a much fresher scent and far superior slickness and cushion.
  10. RhoCurly

    Rolls Razor swarf buildup on strop

    Thank you.
  11. RhoCurly

    6 of Pinaud's products discussed.

    I love Gent’s Gin. Juniper, red cedar, and lime scent that is very refreshing and distinguished. My wife immediately said “now I like that, it does not smell like an old man!” It is my go to date night aftershave. As a comparison I think it smells similar to german Pitrilon, but lighter and...
  12. RhoCurly

    Question regarding cleaning swarf from pasted strop.

    Thank you for the advice. Sounds like a good idea. I will give it a try.
  13. RhoCurly

    Question regarding cleaning swarf from pasted strop.

    Is swarf buildup on a leather strop something that should be cleaned off, and if so, what is the best method? I have a Rolls Razor that was unused when I got it. The leather strop is charged with ferox, similar to the paste these originally came with. I originally posted in the SE sub forum...
  14. RhoCurly

    Rolls Razor swarf buildup on strop

    I have a question for Rolls Razor users. The strop, which is charged with ferox, is beginning to build visible swarf. Same with the hone. Does this need to be cleaned, and if so, by what method? Or is this nothing to worry about? The razor was unused when I acquired it and it shaves great...
  15. RhoCurly

    Williams Mug Soap, perfectly fine.... don’t hit me.

    I love the fresh clean scent of William’s and really wanted to make it work, but never could. I went to their website to see if they had any suggestions. The only suggestion was “Don’t spare the hot water!”. I thought well, lets take that to the extreme, then dial back as I experiment. I...
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