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    Sub $200 Watch Recommendations?

    I haven't posted for some time, but this topic caught my eye. :blink: How about a Christopher Ward watch? I appreciate the price is not always sub $200, but sometimes they are under that price in the 'nearly new' section under the 'clearance' bits. I can only speak for service from them in...
  2. Regular_strop

    Do you guys keep the inner seal to the TOBS tubs?

    Mine seems to have lodged itself up into the top of the lid, and doesn't want to come out anyway!! So I shall think I shall just leave it be!! :biggrin:
  3. Regular_strop

    Moment of panic....

    I was out at lunchtime today having a quick browse around the shops, as you do!! :wink: I decided I would take a trip to Superdrug, which is a great source of buying Ingrams (blue), for the none too princely sum of £1.69, only to find when I got there that there was only one tube left...
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    Palmolive classic UK

    The rising cost of fuel would be my guess, seems to be sending the price of all sorts up at the moment!! :mad:
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    Review by '' on item 'Penhaligon's Douro'

    I really like this, it seems a pity I think they are not making the shaving cream in the Douro line any more. This was my favourite for a long time, with a consistency very similar I think to the creams from the 3Ts. Great lather is easily produced with not too much effort. Razor glide also...
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    Amazing aftershave

    I'm going to pop down and check that stuff out at Boots, looks good! :smile:
  7. Regular_strop

    UK Tabac Supplier.

    It's funny, I can never understand why Boots has a number of Tabac products, but does not stock the shaving soap that there would be such a great demand for??!! :confused:
  8. Regular_strop

    Palmolive classic UK

    Try Superdrug for a nice tube of Ingrams for only £1.69, give you that great summer cooling effect. :wink:
  9. Regular_strop

    Tips on a father's day gift......

    Maybe a nice Simpsons Beaufort B4 if you can still find one. Would be extra nice if you could get a new one but before Vulfix took over, as it would make a nice collection piece too! :wink:
  10. Regular_strop

    favorite brushless cream?

    Kiehls White Eagle would be my fave :smile:
  11. Regular_strop

    Suggestions for "cooling" cream??

    I agree wholeheartedly :001_smile
  12. Regular_strop

    Favorite Cream?

    Has to be Penhaligons Douro for me, I still have a little left in the tube, although not sure its made anymore to replace it! :frown: For a cooling summer breeze i do like Ingrams though :cool:
  13. Regular_strop

    Boots #4 shaving brush??

    Just found the link. The Boots brand logo is in the furthest bottom right corner of page. http://www.emsplace.com/shaving/simpsons_catalog.aspx Interesting some of the other logos there that they have made brushes for too :wink:
  14. Regular_strop

    Boots #4 shaving brush??

    I think the brush in question is was actually made by Simpsons possibly. I think from looking at a recent Simpsons catalogue it showed that symbol to be one that they have used for branding on Boots brushes in the past. If I remember rightly there is an online shop in the US that has an...
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    Simpsons sold to Vulfix

    My new Wee Scot does not have a label at all, only the signature as expected, I think the much older ones did have a label though (but possibly no signature). Is this the same as everyone else thinks about this lovely small brush? :confused:
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