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    Aotearoa (NZ) Pass-around

    Its on cheers Brian.
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    2016 New gym highlights

    Greetings Gents been away from here for a while so thought Id start back with some highlights out of our new Personal Training studio set up. Been working full-time in the industry for almost 35 years now and still love it. For 3 years I have been working out of a single car garage until we...
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    Excellent Haka

    Very cool proud to be a Kiwi !
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    Annoyed at bulking?

    Both can be done at the same time but arguably not as well as separately. Keep an open mind. CB Professional Trainer 30+ years
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    What Green Coffee did you Buy or Roast Today?

    Greetings all. Back up and roasting with another breadmaker/heat gun "corretto" set up. I have used several methods from pop corn maker >> Hottop>> Commercial Has Garanti 5kg and many others and this is always the winner. The roast is a little lighter than it looks in photo and I really was...
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    New Custom Tamper WOW

    Well thanks to Peter Wolf I was able to get a custom Tamper handle made. What do you guys think? I've called it the "Wolf Hills" design. Once its gets back to New Zealand I have a custom base (58.4mm) to go with it. Really pleased with the "7 seas" coloring its stunning and the Motta Bar 9 shape.
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    Café Acquisition Thread

    They had 5 grinders in total from low volume out of the way Cafes so we think they all have at least 40kgs left.
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    Café Acquisition Thread

    Picked up this Compak K6 WBC via auction for $130NZ and I plan on changing it to doserless with a custom made funnel. Also got a look at the stainless hopper that a local apprentice is making for the Macap MX its going to be shiney thats for sure.
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    Café Acquisition Thread

    True but just a temporary measure until I get a custom one sorted. The lid for it is the lid of a tea infuser lol
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    Let's see your coffee mugs

    This was my favourite but unfortunately it got dropped. Good for pour over and could also handle a 300ml Flat White.
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    How many aftershaves do you have in your regular rotation?

    About 30 odd, not so much rotation as what the day needs :)
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    Aotearoa (NZ) Pass-around

    Can we have the list updated please as AGRNZ needs to know who to send it to next and the last list on page 13 (I think) didn't even have AGRNZ names on it. I hand delivered the box to AGRNZ yesterday after swapping 3 or 4 items. I also added a collectable coffee item that may interest someone...
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    One of my past home coffee roasting set-ups.

    Love it Mick :001_smile and thanks for your help.
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    One of my past home coffee roasting set-ups.

    Looks like some serious power Mick. The heat gun in the picture is a $20 no brander and did very well.
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    One of my past home coffee roasting set-ups.

    Started with a pop corn maker then made a version of this "Corretto Method" then went to Hottop then to a Has Garanti 5kg then back to this set up. I gave up my addiction to coffee for a couple of years and now getting back into it, so will probably make something like this again soon. The...
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